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  1. coffee&milk

    Finally I passed RN exam

    So happy for you! I know how it feels when you learn that you've passed NCLEX!!
  2. coffee&milk

    Finally I passed RN exam

    Two years ago I was saying this but now I am proud to say I passed NCLEX! You too can do it. All the best :-)
  3. coffee&milk

    Board of nursing-NJ wait for license

    I was able to see the license no. on this website https://newjersey.mylicense.com/verification/Search.aspx
  4. coffee&milk

    Board of nursing-NJ wait for license

    I sat for NCLEX on 02/27/2013 and my license number was issued on 4/4/2013! I hope to get my license in the mail soon.
  5. coffee&milk

    1:1 to patient on airborne precations

    The patient is on airborne isolation but not on 1:1. I posted this topic so that people who have done 1:1 to a patient on airborne precautions can share their experiences.
  6. coffee&milk

    Love this site; New nurse, new to this site :)

    Welcome aboard :dance:
  7. coffee&milk

    I graduated todayyyyyy!!!!!

  8. coffee&milk


    It depends on the facility you work in. Where i work, CNA's have same job description as PCT's. The only difference is that they can neither draw blood nor do EKG's. In some hospitals like Claara Maass in New Jersey CNA's do both phlebotomy and EKG.
  9. coffee&milk

    1:1 to patient on airborne precations

    I work in a hospital and recently we had a patient who was put on airborne isolation (Rule out TB). The patient is not on 1:1 but I was just wondering would you do it. Wearing N95 mask is so uncomfortable! Does anyone have such experience?
  10. coffee&milk

    I'm free tonight - Are you?

  11. coffee&milk

    OMG I PASSED 2nd time - I hope this will help others

    Congratulations Emerlindo!
  12. coffee&milk

    taking exam this Friday please help

    Congratulations! :yelclap:
  13. coffee&milk

    taking exam this Friday please help

    I practiced alot. At home, i used pillows and cushions as my patients. We had five skills; handwashing for everybody and then the other skills were picked randomly. Only two students were allowed in the exam room, the others waited outside. The test observer handed the five skills that you were to perform and gave us time to gather supplies but doesn't tell you what to gather. All the supplies were in the exam room. Handwashing is always the first thing, introduce yourself and let the client know what you are going to do, provide privacy and then start your skills. Adjust bed to comfortable working height and wide base when transferring client. If you have been practicing you will pass. All the best!
  14. coffee&milk

    Nervous about my first day of Anatomy & physiology 1

    Its alot of memorization and understanding how the body systems work. You may want to ask your professor to give you an idea about how the exams are going to look like. In one of the exams my A&P 1 professor put about 80 skeletal bones on the tables in the lab and we had to walk around identifying them. Many people have passed and you are not different from them. Work hard and you will succeed. All the best.
  15. coffee&milk

    I passed boards to be an RN!!

    Congratulations!! :clpty: