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hi i got removed from my clinical practice i didn't think i could pass the clinical cause i had missed 24 hours of clinical time and would have to return to what i perceived a hostile environment so i withdrew ... Read More

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    Assessment skills are the cornerstone of nursing practice... I think that it's vital to understand just how important they are. Your other skills need to come second to excellent assessment skills. Accurate assessment is how we help save lives. Please, OP, don't think of it as "just" assessment or beneath other skills. It is so important!

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    and i agree with what everyone has said so far

    I think everyone has offer really good insights to help me understand what was going on and what needs to be done

    Im trying hard to fix things and improve in all areas.

    iam going to counselling to resolve issues and professional issues, working out to burn off stress, volunteering soon, working in the skills lab one hour per week to improve, working on building better relationship with my peers at school and basically trying to be positive cause i think im so lucky to even still have a chance.

    thanks again dan

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