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Today I had my clinicals and we had to do flu shots. I am the only one in my group that hasn't had any experience. I am also the youngest one. The first day in clinicals we had to do vitals and... Read More

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    So many things wrong with this picture.

    First, OP, you act shocked that the school isn't even accredited, yet you've been there along enough that you are already in clinicals. Did you not do a little homework on potential schools before applying to nursing school? Nursing school is a huge step, a lot of students go through a lot of work to get there, so taking a few minutes to check the school's accredidation and reputation should've been torwards the top of the list when scouting schools. I agree, you are a college student, college students are ADULTS. Some more mature than others, but quite frankly if you are old enough to work towards becoming a nurse where people's lives will be in your hands, then you are old enough to do a little research into the school you plan on attending.

    Secondly, your school doesn't have a lab, and y'all were never taught how to do simple vital signs before being thrown into clinical rotations? And then, apparenly vital signs were skipped all together (except for "reading about it over the weekend", which you failed to do anyways) and clinicals skipped straight to GIVING INJECTIONS? Holy canole.

    It's scary that a hospital, or any place of health care, is even putting their reputation on the line and allowing this school to conduct clinicals at their facility. Scary indeed.
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    Performing a skill you haven't been trained to do is a huge liability for YOU. It's not safe. Your clinical sounds like a terrible situation.
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    Yes what you are doing in clinicals is unsafe and you CI is unprofessional. Yes you will be able to take the NCLEX when you are done. This nursing program is very new and is probably still working out all the kinks. People throw out that accredited mojo all the time for every single thing. Of course it is important but it doesn't mean you won't become a nurse upon completing the program because that is up to the board of nursing of NY which the Swedish Institute has been approved. Now because it is not accredited by NLNAC or CCNE that means you may not be able to work at MOST hospitals like the VA hospital and MOST schools may not accept you into their RN-BSN program or may require you to repeat courses. Stick in there and be proactive. Go to someone in administration and explain your concerns on safety and professionalism.
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    Hondros College not BON accredited? Are u still able to take the NCLEX?

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