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Today I had my clinicals and we had to do flu shots. I am the only one in my group that hasn't had any experience. I am also the youngest one. The first day in clinicals we had to do vitals and... Read More

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    Does your school have a skills lab where you can go and practice skills outside of classroom time? If yes, you should go there and practice, practice, practice! If your instructor is unwilling to help, to demonstrate, to interact with you, find another instructor or the person who runs the lab, anyone who is willing to show you. Maybe even a student in another year can demonstrate?

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    I'm sorry you've had to go through this stress. At my school, they would never allow us to perform a skill unless we had practiced it in lab and showed we understood how to do it. Especially for an injection...that would be so stressful! I hope you get the practice you need.
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    Something sounds very wrong in a program where you havent learned how to do skills on manikins before clinicals. If you havent learned to do injections that says you might have not learned to find injection sites, fill syringes, pick needle sizes, and most importantly calculated medication doses. I would not waste time at a place that is not accredited. You will be stuck without a job and wasted money if you continue to stay there.
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    Most nursing schools require people to be a CNA for this very reason. It isn't fair for everyone to start off on different knowledge levels.
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    It is very stressful. I was shaking and i my professor was just screaming at me. We did not have that skills on that week so we could not practice injections. iT was insane. I will see what i can do about this. :/
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    Hello Nurse2b. Although this school is not accredited; it is under the Board Of Nursing for the state of New York. I am thinking of going there this January. Reading over your post reminded me a bit of my old CNA instructor. Some people should not be teachers... This is very upsetting. What are your thoughts on the program? Wish you all the luck! Please reply.
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    I find it concerning that you were giving IM injections before even having a skills lab over the subject. In my program, you HAVE to do a competency check-off before you can perform a skill in clinicals. I was a vet tech before I went to RN school, so I had given countless IM injections (to cats and dogs, but still, lol!). It's a skill I am very comfortable with. I still would have not felt ok about doing a flu clinic without at least covering injections in class first.
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    They aren't "teaching her to be incredibly unsafe." Perhaps this week's experience will teach her not to be so incredibly unprepared....and to lose the drama. Many instructors are starchy the first few weeks to put the fear of god into students who, well, don't come prepared and crumple when questioned.

    As to psychomotor skills, you should have the opportunity to perform and practice them in a lab setting before doing them on patients. As for injections, I don't know why everybody gets so fluffed up about them-- and yes, even though it's been mumblemumble years I do remember precisely what my first one was, a thick preparation in oil on a cachectic woman with no muscle over her bones-- we teach lay people to give injections all the time. Get a syringe in the learning lab and inject a few oranges.

    Finally, if someone is old enough to go to college s/he ought to be able to search for and visit state colleges and community colleges with accredited nursing programs.
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    Green Tea:

    The school is under the BON ( Board Of Nursing ) for NEW YORK STATE.
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    Always brush up on your skills BEFORE clinical! (: Showing up and not knowing what your doing is pretty humiliating, everyone has been there at least once. Obviously, its hard to read something in a book and then know how to do it online. If you're really struggling, I would look into ATI skills modules. We used that in school and it was invaluable. There have been times where I search on youtube for skills videos, obviously it's not always reliable though- so be careful. (: Good luck!

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