I cannot focus on studying today

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    I have a test tomorrow. It is huge. But, I can't study. Every time I look at material, I feel drawn away from it. It's OB, and I just don't care about OB. It's our last test before the final, and it's worth 20%, so it's critically important. Ugh!

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    I feel your pain, I'm having issues focusing on my mental health content... 20% as well

    Just did my OB exam... it was pretty intuitive, hope yours is as well!
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    I hate days like that! Sometimes studying is the farthest thing from my mind and the most important thing I have to do. I like to take a run, grab some water, turn on some music, and refocus. It really helps me to clear my mind and get back in the zone. Good luck to you!
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    When a had a period when I couldn't concentrate enough to study, I'd tell myself I only had to study for the next 30 minutes. Before
    I began, I'd go to the john, make sure I had a drink, (juice, a soft drink) had all my material, turned the music down but not off, and I'd begin by just reviewing my notes. If at the end of the 30 minutes, I was able to concentrate, I kept going, but if I were still unable to study, I'd go for a wak or otherwise distract myself, then try it again.
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    Try using a stopwatch, and only have the stopwatch going while you study. That way you know you're accomplishing something every minute that passes.
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    I like to study in 45/15 or 50/10 increments, which helps keep my brain refreshed. On the breaks, I'll do laundry, housework, go outside, ect. I'll set a timer to remind me to keep at it.

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