How many study hours per night (do you average?)

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    Just curious Trying to create a pre-nyrsing school schedule to get the family used to the flow so that when I get there, the learning curve will be a bit easier having the family already on the same schedule... (I'm planning on using the time now for independant study, which will also make it easier once I get into classes...)

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    I only study an hour or so on weeknights but on the weekends i study a good 6-8 hours a day. But that is just works for me, I don't like to brain fry myself and then have clinicals or lecture the next day aside from the fact that weeknights I have dinner, lunches etc to take care of. Great idea to "train" the family now. I did the same. One of the things that really helped was getting the kids prepared. Now when my 5 yr old sees mommy with a book, she knows its "quiet" time, no questions asked. It has worked out well.
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    I study about 2 hours per day on week days and as much as I need on the weekends. Keeping in mind though that 1 of the two hours per week day is my lunch hour at work. So far this is working for me, but every person is different.
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    I don't work, but I try to study 3-4 hrs per day depending on what's going on . . . right before a test I up it to 5 hrs a day for 2-3 days . . . more than that if it's the final! Works for me.

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    Ok, everyone does their readings for at least an hour or more per day, but my question is, after reading page after page and chapter after chapter (sometimes up to 500 pages per week, I'm told) how do you retain it all in order to apply it to the exams? I start my very first nursing class on Sunday and I'm so nervous, I don't know what to do with myselfIs there something you guys do such as take notes from your readings, tape lectures, etc?
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    I have never read 500 pages of anything for school. The learning is more focused, plus we use a module system, which highlights the important things we need to know. And yes, I get good grades! :wink2:
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    With our syllabus they have a list of learning objectives for students, I would imagine every school would have that, but I'm not certain. I usually write up the objectives either while I read, or after I read and then I don't go back to the book. We are tested over our objectives so I focus on that. I read the notes on the objectives I made into a digital recorder and put them in my ipod. I listen to them when I work out, clean, cook...whatever. It helps me a lot. Also, me and some friends that I made during nursing school got to the point where we split up objectives so that we all were not doing the work individually, it has helped with the time it takes. And we all seem to be doing very good in classes. We graduate in May!
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    Just read and take notes and then study your notes. I don't think it is very efficient to read something over-and-over.
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    I study a minimum of 3 hours a day...but my average is 4. I have studied as long as 10 to 12 hours on each day I'm off from school...but only if I'm behind.

    I get up at 5:00 a.m. the morning of exams so I have a minimum of 2 hours to go back over my work before I take a I never register for a class right before an exam.
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    I don't study daily. I go over my lecture notes for an hour or so the night before a test. I've never done the assigned reading. In lecture, they pick out the 'big stuff' & I make notes on anything they seem to put a big emphasis on.
    As soon as I have a paper due, I sit right down and do it immediately. You never know what might come up later, so it's best to do it while you've got the time. I do my careplans the minute I get home from clinicals while the day is still fresh in my head.
    Pre-reqs was a totally different story, however. Pre-req grades determined who'd get in to the program & who would'nt. For those classes, I did a lot of reading & studying everyday.
    Once I was in the program, though, it felt like a vacation. I've got time on my hands now to do whatever I want. Kinda nice, because I know once I finish school & go back to work it'll be awhile before I get a vacation again.
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