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I start my adn program this fall and am wondering how long other students programs last. My program will last 5 semesters, it seems short from what I've heard. Any input? How long was your program? If all goes well I'll graduate... Read More

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    This thread came back, I guess! (:

    I am in a BSN program, 4 years, 2 semesters per, 8 semesters. I am a transfer student from a community college, so I needed 7 semesters at my current school. I have 5 more to go. yay.

    You can cut the program time down if you take summer semester, which isn't required...but if you're willing to work hard to get your schooling done earlier, then it's worth it.
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    Ours is 5 semesters long, no summers. It's a BSN program with about 70 credits of other credits besides the actual program required.

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