How early is too early for job searching? How early is too early for job searching? | allnurses

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How early is too early for job searching?

  1. 0 Hey all! I am going to be graduating December '09 and I was wondering how early I should start my job search. I know a lot of people are having trouble finding jobs in my area. If you guys have any suggestions on when to start, I would appreciate it! Thanks!
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    An excellent question. Maybe we should post this in our state-specific boards? The answer may be different in various areas.

    I've been wondering about this myself.
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    I believe that most people start about 6 months before graduation. I started around March, and I graduated in May, and was offered a job in July. Good luck with your job search and school!
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    I am a prenursing student however a lot of my friends have careers in the health profession (RN, RT,PA).

    Seeing the economy we are in I would start looking for jobs now if I were you. You graduate in December. Once school starts again start sending out resumes. If you want to start in say a specialized floor,that is all the more reason to start the job search early.
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    I have 8 months of school left & I've started looking. I'm definitely networking, I've joined the local chapter of OR nurses (that's where I want to work), & I've been amping up my resume with certificates. I just did an ACLS course, & I plan on knocking out a few more certs before I graduate. It never hurts to start early!
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    I totally agree with you. I graduate in May 2010 and I have started looking already as well...I like the idea of doing the ACLS class already. I scheduled one for this November and I kinda of thought that I was starting too early, but like you said it gives you a chance to get a couple more certs under your belt before graduation.
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    To answer your question - 6-9months I think is too early. You should defiantly start applying now.