How did you save on textbooks? Ebooks or not?

  1. Hi all! I am doing a concurrent AAS/BSN program here in AZ that starts in August and my Block 1 of the AAS starts in January. I was just perusing to see what textbooks were required in Spring 2012 to get a "feel" for what I may need to purchase.

    HOLY MOLY!!!

    10 textbooks were required for Spring 12' and I even checked for Fall 12' and it's 11 !!!

    How did all of you save $$$ on textbooks??? Which ones did you buy in hardcopy and which ones did you get as an ebook???

    I don't always like buying ebooks because I really like to make notes and highlight but I just don't know which ones I should get as an ebook and which ones I should get as a hardcopy.....

    I'm trying to figure out what I am going to do because there is no way I can carry 10 books to school everyday LOL !!!
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  3. by   DisneyNurseGal
    Textbooks are the world's biggest Ponzi scheme!

    Have you ever used It is a textbook rental service, I usually save hundreds a semester. Free shipping to your house and even when you return the book.

    I have used ebooks before, and I guess it would matter what kind of student you are. I need to see the big picture. I need to be able to quickly flip from the page I am on to another page quickly (it's strange i know :spin. I have used ebooks for textbooks that are strictly for reading and not for reference (if that make sense). My English Composition class, sociology and interpersonal communications class all made great ebooks. But classes like Organic Chemistry, math, Physiology I always had the textbook.

    I am sure that is not much help, but just think about HOW you study and see if you think it would work for you.
  4. by   decembergrad2011
    You should rarely have to take your books to class unless you do studying or assignments between classes.

    I found the majority of my books used on Amazon.
  5. by   alex1987
    I get all my textbooks on Amazon and eBay and I do save a lot of money! I get them used (good condition w/ cds and new access codes) and sometimes I get them new, especially when Amazon offers a discount and free shipping!
  6. by   wildcatchristie
    Amazon and Barnes &, with the combination of the two I spent $100 less than the CGCC bookstore. Since Amazon doesn't charge tax in AZ I am good for now until tax time.
  7. by   IndyElmer
    A lot of people in the program ahead of me said that a number of the textbooks were only useful as a seldom used reference (due to the teaching/testing style of the instructors). For those books, they felt that one-edition older would have been fine, while for others, they said current edition was truly necessary. My books (mostly one-edition-older with the exception of my drug guide and careplan books) were $150 while my classmates used current edition USED books were $550. We'll see if I'll regret that decision by the end of the term!

    There are definite possible downsides to one-edition-older. If your instructor gives homework assignments based on problems in the books, you'd probably be better off with current edition. If you like using online publisher resources you're probably better off with current edition. If your instructor refers to specific figures & tables by number/page on a regular basis in your notes, you might be better off with the current edition.

    One-edition-older books are not for everyone, but I know several people who have been very successful in nursing school using them, so if it's something that interests you, start talking to people in the graduating classes ahead of you to see if it might be possible.
  8. by   CaligirlinVA
    I normally buy my text books on It is an ebay site for books only. I have had great luck selling books on the same site too! It is easy to use. I wish I had an option for my textbooks. It states in our paperwork that all our books and testing bundles have to be purchased at our books store. I am guessing it is because they don't want any excuses about not being able to get the codes to use the different digital modules and such that they have the students use. It is one of my questions I will be asking for clarity on at our orientation.
  9. by   ImKosher
    Your not going to get a deal with ebooks. It's better to go with amazon.
  10. by   KelRN215
    Ebooks weren't really around when I finished nursing school but I bought nearly all of my books on Sold many of them on the same site as well and occasionally was able to sell them back to the school's bookstore for more than I bought them for.
  11. by   rubato
    I buy my books used on Amazon and then sell them back to my school for more money. Great scheme I have going here. So far, I've made money every semester. It's not much, but anything helps.
  12. by   metal_m0nk

    I didn't even buy most of them. I found that I wouldn't even need to use the majority of them. I got just the core books (like the fundamentals, med surge texts, etc.) and any "workbooks" that had actual assignments in them that we had to complete and that's it.
  13. by   NAA MOMO
    Whiles taking my per-req's I got my books from and Craigslist. Craigslist was my fav, no shipping, I can just meet up and
    get my book. Supper cheap too. I start ADN this fall, I am buying from the school for the first semester, next year I would be well adjusted
    then I can find my books online...
  14. by   kristin6727
    I bought all my books (about 10) on Amazon. I went with the one edition older except for the drug book and RNotes. I spent about $100 for all of them.