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Help Passing Pharmacology and Fundamental 2

  1. 0 Hello,

    I AM CURRENTLY DROWNING IN MY PHARMACOLOGY and a little bit in Fundamentals 2.

    I have done all I could studied, youtube vidoe practice questions and still not getting a great understanding on how to answer those questions.


    We have our first test next tuesday. 5/28/13.Over

    CNS depressant and Muscle Relaxant
    CNS stimulant and related drugs
    Antiepileptic drugs
    Psychotherapeutic drug
    Substance abuse
    Adrenergic drug
    Adrenergic blocking drugs
    Cholinergic blocking drugs
    and Antihypertensive drugs

    Please please please help. If you have study questions that will be helpful. Majority of our quiz questions came of HESI.....
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    You should really use your physiology here to help you remember how these types of drugs will affect the body. What is the sympathetic nervous system's role? The parasympathetic? If you know this, you can understand how the various CNS drugs affect the body and you will be able to easily memorize the corresponding drugs, side effects, nursing implications, etc.

    Make a chart to categorize the meds. Or you can make flash cards.

    There's no "magic" way to learn this. You're going to have to apply your knowledge to "get" this.
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    My recommendation is to:

    1) Buy this book: Lippincott's Illustrated Review of Pharmacology


    2) Download my flashcards here
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    Hey, our teachers gave us concept maps over pharm. If they will help you I can email them to you just let me know!! I havent took pharm yet but I am friends with people who has and they say the concept map SAVED them!!
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    Thank you so much guys, I think I need to also work on my elimination process. Just saw a video on you tube: NCLEX-RN Study Tips: How To Blast Away Tough NCLEX RN Questions - YouTube. I will use the information that you guys have provided. Thank you so much.
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    Oh great and you so much for the quick response, yes we do use Med map but not on all the medications. I think I also need to work on my elimination process to answer application questions. Please let me know if you have any idea.

    Most of our questions are on Indications, Contraindications, side effects, nursing implementations and PT teaching.

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    I strongly suggest you get the Physiology Coloring Book, a real book (free two-day shipping from Amazon), because, as SopranoKris says, you can't learn the meds until you really understand and remember what it is they're working on.

    You will also find this invaluable when you start doing cardiac, pulmonary, renal, GI, hematology...not just the pharm part, but the whole nine yards. Nursing school isn't like the college classes your high school buddies are taking in history or something, where you take the class, cram for the exam, and wash your hands of it. In nursing school, you are held to a higher standard; they expect you to build on everything you learn now, and it gets more complex later.

    Order it today (Monday) and you'll have it by Wednesday.
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    Quote from MeagAshley
    Hey, our teachers gave us concept maps over pharm. If they will help you I can email them to you just let me know!! I havent took pharm yet but I am friends with people who has and they say the concept map SAVED them!!
    I'm not the OP but I'd love to see the concept maps for pharm
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    Any suggestion on multiple choice elimination process. I always know the information, but always find it hard to answer application questions and it hurts me so much because I study really hard and fail my test #cryingface# any suggestions? Thanks
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    Are you guys using ATI for pharm? That's what we're using exclusively and while the instructor is making our tests super easy, I'm talking a 90% + avg on the tests, and I've only missed 2 points out of 3 tests so far, ATI is a lot more difficult with their testing but very indicative of the NCLEX. If I do reasonably well on the ATI test I know I'll pass my teacher's test no problem. This is just how we're being tested on our pharm though. Also understanding what the physiology is behind the drugs helps tremendously. If you know the side effects of the drugs you should have no problems with the nursing implications.
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    Thanks for the feedback we use HESI.
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    Hello! I saw your post about concept mapping for pharmacology. I'm hoping that'll help me learn all of these drugs. Could you post or email those to me?? I would really appreciate that!! Thanks!
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    GrnTea, which coloring book do you recommend? There are a couple of them on there. Thanks!