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I have a unique problem with my Fundamentals course, our instructor doesn't teach! I know there are a lot of bad nursing instructors out there but most of the time they aren't the chair of the nursing department! Sigh, our... Read More

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    i've been thinking about this thread. bad behavior of the instructor aside (there's no excuse for abusive behavior--period!) there are some educators, and the people running this school's nursing program may subscribe to this, who believe that sometimes a drastic "shakeup" is called for with students just coming on board. so, they sort of dump them into a learning situation where they are left to sink or swim. they do this deliberately to test their devotion to the subject and mold their attitude. this is one way of breaking down old beliefs and behaviors and bending the will. i had a friend who went through something similar to this in medical school. all were flunking terribly in one of the medical classes and the students were panicking as they weren't used to getting anything other than a's and b's were very rare. in the end, the grades were curved and everybody was passed. they learned that this was done to all incoming freshman to strip them of their attitudes that they might think they were superior to others.

    i was just wondering if something like that might be going on here. an instructor can't possibly fail every single student. that looks extremely bad for the instructor and for the school. the instructor, in the end, has a supervisor to answer to herself. if this is really as bad as you are saying, then you should have a sit down with the person who is in the chain of command above this instructor. take some other students with you if you need some support. what do you have to lose if you are all failing anyway? the verbal abuse is very concerning to me and should be reported. that shouldn't be going on at all. everyone has the right to be treated with respect. i thought the idea of taping the rantings was a good one. it's quite possible that the reason this occurs is because no one has stood up and complained about her before. if you need some support on this, look through the school catalog. there should be something in there that addresses behavior and ethics in the way both students and faculty treat each other. have it in hand when you address your complaints. also, it helps to get witnesses (other students) who are willing to document (write) factual accounts of this teacher's behavior. i would also ask that her classroom teaching be physically monitored and evaluated by other program instructors. you might be able to get students from a campus student organization or the dean of students office to sit in on some of her classes as a visitor. she wouldn't dare pull disrespectful crap in front of visitors, you think?

    good luck.

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    Blow off class and spend the three useless hours of lecture reading the material. I had this sort of class and this sort of instructor. I don't need anyone to read my power point notes to me. I had the highest grade in the class and barely showed up. Most of the class failed.

    You would think that the goal was to teach the material and get a high percentage of passing students. Some instructors, particularly in the beginning think their job is to criticize and weed out. Suck it up and read the entire book. But I would also complain, and don't be surprised when nothing happens. Perry and Potter, read the boxes, as they summerize well. Good Luck and look at it as challenge, like climbing Everest. In fact thay might be easier than nursing school.
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    Quote from kimber1985
    Blow off class and spend the three useless hours of lecture reading the material. I had this sort of class and this sort of instructor. I don't need anyone to read my power point notes to me. I had the highest grade in the class and barely showed up. Most of the class failed.
    Keep in mind this is not an option in a lot of colleges...attendance is mandatory where I go to school, so students need to make sure this won't get them in trouble where they attend....
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    Daytonite, I think you hit it right on the money. This instructor is in her 60s and has an "old school" approach to nursing.

    Unfortunatley, blowing off class is not an option. If I told you how many hours I spend in school you wouldn't believe me. This is basically an all day everday program. It's a 1+1 being that we are doing LPN this year and RN next year, no pre-req's were accepted so we are doing it all over the course of two years.

    I am going to think very carefully about my next move. I was really mad when I posted this but now that I have cooled off I am going to wait a little while longer and try some different tactics to see if things improve.

    I had an inkling that she was playing mind games with the class but what Daytonite posted has sort of confirmed it for me. I truly find it hard to believe that every single person is failing because while there are a few slackers (there are always some of those) there are people who are super anal about getting the work done.
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    I can totally relate to your problem. I am having the same issue at my school so I have been teaching myself as well. There is a great book that I learned about from this forum that has been invaluable for me with the 1st part of Fundamentals in which I got an "A" and I am still using it for part II of Fundamentals and hoping to have the same success. The name of the book is "Fundamentals Success- a course review applying critical thinking to test taking" by Patricia Nugent and Barbara Vitale. It has Critical Thinking exams for every part of Fundamentals. So read the chapter in Potter and Perry, then take the appropriate exam and review the rationales for why you got the right answer right as well as the rationales for all the wrong choices etc. If you can get through these exams, you shoul be able to get through your Funadmentals Class. So far it has been working for me in spite of the teacher. I just go to my class to sign the attendance roster because our teacher is a complete joke so I can feel your pain.
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    Most colleges (if not all) have a board that you can go to with grievances. You can also go the your state board of nursing. The approve the curriculum of each nursing school in the state and they also was the passing average and make schools accountable.

    There is just a few options. Like you said, you are paying for this education. Self study is a necessary part of nursing school and in itself very beneficial... when it is done right.

    Good luck to you!


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