Has anyone failed out of nursing school but got accepted in another program?

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    Hi, I think I'm in jeopardy of failling PEDS/OB clinical. I really want to be a nurse but afraid that I won't be accepted after they see that I failed out. What sucks most is that Im a SENIOR! I just want any feedback from people that failed out from a program (BSN) and got accepted into another program possibly another BSN program. My grades in previous semesters were decent, all B's and one A. This semester is brutal, so if I fail I would like to go somewhere else and not even repeat the class here..ANy support is appreciated. I'm so stressed out that I can't even cry...

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    Couldn't hurt to contact the schools in your area and found out what they would do. I would think talking to them before you fail (if you do that is) would be a better idea then after you have failed. At least this way you are being proactive instead of reactive.

    Do you have the option of repeating the class with the current school?

    I hope you can pull through and graduate with the current school! What a shame to do so well and have one bad semester at the end. Good luck!
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    I know it sucks and it sounds like you are applying yourself to your school work (which I wasn't, since I didn't originally want to be a nurse in the first place--I was a music major for 3 years!), but I failed out when I was in OB and Advanced MedSurg (when I was finally getting into it) and was able to get into another program.

    All I cared about at that point was that I didn't have to repeat mental health! God, I hated that class! But anyhoo, it worked out great and I've been a nurse for almost 2 years and am now in the ICU. If you want it bad enough, it'll work out; it just may not be the way you planned it out.
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    We had a gal get kicked out of our program (for not showing up to clinicals or being late) and within about a week she was in another program. She had transferred back to her home state but that's all I know.
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    There was another program in our area that accepted the people who failed from my program. I spoke to someone who was in that situation and she told me the difference between programs was like the difference between night and day. She said if she had known how good the second program was, she would have gone there from the beginning. Hang in there and try to salvage it so you don't have to continue to worry about finishng school. Good luck.
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    OK... here's my story.

    I was a Senior in a BSN program with one semester to go.
    My Mom fell ill with cancer, and I was the one to take her back and forth to all appointments and be with her for radiation and everything else...
    The problem?
    She lived 3.5 hours (One way) away from me!

    My schedule went like this...
    Monday- class
    Tuesday- clinical
    Tuesday afternoon- drive 3.5 hours to get to Mom
    Wednesday thru Friday- appointments, radiation, and everything else in between.... Mom had a g tube by this point, and required insulin injections too...
    Friday nights or maybe very early Saturday mornings- drive BACK home
    Saturday and Sunday- work 12 hour shifts

    Wake up and do it again.....

    I wrote a bad paper that I just couldn't come out of, and ended up failing by 2 points.... 2 points!
    The Dean of the program told me that I was welcome to come back in three years and try again if I wanted to... (where's the compassion that nursing is supposed to have? I sure didn't see any... and she KNEW that my Mom was ill... I had told her at the beginning!)

    I went to the local CC and talked to the admissions coordinator, who got me a spot to take the TEAS test within 2 days, and ended up being accepted into their program.... but I turned it down because Mom (who had moved in with us by this time) needed me more than I needed school.

    After Mom left me, and when I thought I was ready, I talked to the local CC again and was turned down. Not a month later, we found out my Dad had cancer. He passed away 9 months after my Mom did.

    I was going to just stay an LPN and work in my facility where I had been working, and not give it another thought.

    But the Lord had other plans.

    I received a phone call from the admissions coordinator, who asked me if I wanted a spot in the class that just started this past month!

    I am due to graduate in December with my ASN, which is just as good as a BSN. AFterwards, I may go on and get my BSN, I don't know.

    But my point is... give it to God. There's a reason behind everything that happens. This may not be the place for you, or maybe it isn't the time. Pray. It can happen, but it has to be in His time... not ours.

    Blessings to you and I wish you the best.
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    I was just curious if anyone else had some input on this question. I too am in a BSN program at a University. Came in from a Community College w/ a 3.0GPA & 1st semester RN-School recieved a 2.95. I am now failing all of my classes (3classes). I have to get a 83% on all of my tests that are coming up just to get a 77%C- (passing). I suffered (still suffering a little bit-but am getting ALOT better) from Anxiety & a little bit of Depression (diagnosed by my school counselor). I am just worried that when I apply to other schools they will only be objective & see that I failed MentalHealth, Pathophysiology, &History. I have been wanting to be a RN since I was 6yrs old-so I don't want to give up.
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    You will find it easier to light a fire under yourself and pass those three classes than to find a program that will take you after failing out. You need to give it your best effort because you may not get another chance. Whether you are successful or not, when the semester is over concentrate on getting medical help to get the mental health issues under control or you will continue to be subpar in school. Good luck.
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    I should have graduated May 2006 but a new teacher told white lies on me and I was very angry and I decided to leave the school becuase the drug head director of nursing was very rude and unreasonable. To cut long story short, I had to wait to get into another program in 2007 and now I will be done in november. My last class is in October then preceptorship in November. It is very hard sometimes to get back into the program. My advice to you is to get some loan and go to a private university. The private university will be more willing to afford free tutor for you. Most times they are willing to work on your weaknesses. Good luck!
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    hey, im the OP and all I have to say, keep your head up! Try to study ur butt off, atleast u have that option. Mine failures were all clinical related so there was no making it up or trying to overcome the obstacles, what happened was me leaving and I started making phone calls and sent out applications to different programs in smaller towns that are willing to look at my application. Many schools are willing to give students like u and me another try, although some won't. I was lucky enough to find two programs that are willing to look at my application and my even try to get me in for the fall, one program might even let me transfer credits!! I practically drove down there and sat with the dean, with my sound strange since Im not a student at these schools and everyone was willing to listen to my story and said they would consider my application. Now, Im hoping to hear something my June, so just stay positive and determined!! I really thought no school would even consider failures, but its not true, u just gotta research for urself and not listen to others. The dean at one of the programs Im applying to, even confessed to me that she failed out of her program the 1st time around, and now is the dean of the school, so she has been in my shoes, and she really gave me hope, cause I was going crazy and somewhat suicidal.. But, she did instruct me to get help for my depression and work on time management and all my other issues before I try a second time around, so that's what I'm in the process of doing. Good luck, PM me for anything...just stay strong!
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