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What would you say hands down was or is the toughest thing about nursing school?... Read More

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    Quote from 4boysmama
    without a doubt, time management and multi-tasking my school, family, personal, and "social" (ha, what social?!) lives. No matter what I'm doing, I always feel like I "should" be doing something else. When I'm working out, I feel like I should be studying. When I'm studying, I feel like I should be playing with my kids. When I'm playing with my kids, I feel like I should be cleaning the house. When I'm cleaning the house, I feel like I should be taking some quiet/relaxing time just for me. When I'm taking time for me.....wait, I never actually do that, lol!!!

    in all seriousness - the best advice I can give is to develop a schedule (a detailed, slightly crazy, to-the-minute schedule) for yourself, and then Trust The Schedule. I have a google calendar for each of my family members, plus one for me, then one just for school stuff, a meal planning one, and then a separate one for just my kids' sports activities (4 boys, LOTS of sports, lol!) I can see them all together on my phone or computer, and each person has access to their own google calendar so they can add/edit stuff, which means that even though I am the "master" of the schedule, I'm not solely responsible for maintaining it. I don't know what I'd do if our google calendars ever went away - they, quite literally, run our lives!!!

    I just made a schedule like that today. My hubby said I had OCD... lol I feel like Nursing and OCD go hand in hand But i'm super pumped about my color coded schedule.
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    When I graduated a couple of years ago, I realized the hardest thing in school is dealing with fellow students' BS. It can be a lot of petty whining, complaining, rumor starting...crap. There can be jealousy, envy, hatred, when someone succeeds and the majority fails.
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