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Great offer for nursing students...

  1. 11 I'm sure many nursing students would love a new car. Would you want a new car?

    There are a lot of great deals out there. I've seen some places giving away TV's, a microwave?, some are even giving out high cash values, up to $8,000, for any trade-in regardless of condition but, I have never heard of...

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    Thanking my lucky stars my grandparents gave me a car for Christmas
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    if i sold all the books i got this semester i could probably afford it
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    omg.... i remember those days... sigh~
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    Nah, I'd rather save it. I have no need for a new car during school. It wouldn't mean that much to me. Unless, if it was a graduation present from RN school, that would be different. At least then I'd feel I earned it.