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  1. Okay, maybe this has been covered before, but I would like to know what is the graduation rate at your school, compared to how many actually started out in the nursing program? We have all come to realize at my school that there is an 80% failure rate, meaning a way of weeding people out. Our director was so proud to point out that "9" students graduated and passed the state boards last year. !What! Out of a class of 45 to 50? I think some people do drop out for various reasons, but they do not encourage or help us in any way at my school, a flunk is a flunk and you are outta there no matter what, no if's, and's or butt's! I thought nursing school was supposed to be a supportive atmosphere.
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  3. by   memphispanda
    Of my original class of 72, there are 12 left. We will graduate (maybe, if everyone passes) with a class of 24--the other 12 are people who didn't start with my class but ended up with us.
  4. by   ucandoit
    My class started with 99 students and we are down to 30 so far with 2 more quaters to go!! And they wonder why there is a nursing shortage!
  5. by   road runner2003
    I am not sure of the graduation rate - however, according to one of the senior lecturers at the University I was enrolled in earlier this yr, there is a 100% employment rate after graduation. How true this is, I do not know - 100% is quite high!!!
  6. by   lmd32
    They're not telling at our school. They vehemently deny "weeding people out". But the BSN program looks like it's losing 1/3 to 1/2. We ELM's intend to stick together and all graduate. I'm more than willing to tutor someone or otherwise help them along and I'm sure my classmates would do the same for me. About a month ago, one of our cohort got a bad eval at clinical which would have booted her out of the program. We all rallied round and supported her through the appeals process. She's not happy with having to write an extra paper but she's still here.
  7. by   rpbear
    We started out with 50. there are about 12 left of that original 50. We picked up about 12 LPN's second semester (they have a bridge program for LPN's so they skip 1st semester). We have also picked up several that had to drop out or failed and are now finishing. So that leaves us with about 30 right now, not sure how many will actually graduate.

    Lets face it nursing school is hard! Some people come into it not knowing how hard it really is and end up failing, some have to drop out for other reasons. Our program only allows you to fail and repeat ONE class (not semester, class) and after that you are out for good, you can't come back! Also, alot of nursing school studnets are mothers, fathers, and are trying to hold down full time jobs too. My class does not have one "typical" college student in it (just out of high school living with mom and dad, not a care or responsibility in the world) we are all moms or dads, we have families, and jobs, and that makes it even harder!

    My school has a 96 % pass rate on NCLEX, but does post what their drop out/graduation rate is. Gee I wonder why?
  8. by   Rapheal
    Thanks for posing this question. I have replied to a few threads requesting advice on how to choose a nursing school. I always recommend the potential student try to find out how many who start, actually finish. This seems to be a closely guarded secret by many nursing schools.

    Look at your state board nursing site. They will usually have the first time pass NCLEX statistics. This is how the school is judged and they try to recruit new students by saying "Our school has a 98% passing rate" or other such great number. They are judged as a school by that number.

    So what incentive do they have to help along students who are poor test takers and may not pass NCLEX the first time?

    And what really is sad is that many schools allow students who have failed a semester or course back in the school and then later they fail out and are permantly dismissed from the program. This makes it very hard to get into another nursing school. In some cases nearly impossible. And the poor failed student has wracked up thousands of dollars in debt without the desired job skills they seek.

    My school had over a 80% failure rate. Only 20% of us finished. Were we the best, the brightest, the most compassionate people in the program? No. I can think of more than a few students who would have made excellent nurses if they would have been better test takers or been offered remediation.

    Sorry this is so long. I have 2 close friends who failed out and we still are close. I really feel bad for them and their families as this has been damaging to their families both financially and emotionally. My one friend almost got a divorce when her husband became so frustrated at their debt and her final dismissal from the school. She now has a job for $9 an hour and she has over $36,000 of loans to pay back. And she has two kids. She would have been a great nurse.
  9. by   icesk8ie
    My class started out with 74 people. Out of the original class, we have approximately 36 people, maybe less. We are just finishing up our third semester. In our class as of now, we have about 54 people, which includes LVNs who started with us this semester, and some re-entrys. I am hoping we can hold on to everyone we have left, but I have doubts that will happen.
  10. by   wonderbee
    I'm going into my first nursing semester in January. After having read this thread, I'm getting together with my friends and we are going to make a pact to stick by each other to get us through the tough tmies.
  11. by   Boe
    We have to sign a "truth in advertisement" form before starting the program that states:

    64% scheduled to graduate in 2002 did
    87% of them found employment (only 87% answered the survey)
    89% passed NCLEX

  12. by   LindseyLou2222
    Wow those are some scary stats! Looks like I am going to need to work my butt off from the very first to the very last day in nursing school.
  13. by   stillsmilin
    Can these numbers be true? I am in my 4th year of a BSN program. Our class started with 54 in upper division and are now down to 42. It is unusual for any failures at this point. We also have between a 98-100% first-time pass rate on NCLEX.
  14. by   Love-A-Nurse
    we have lost 85% of our original class. i am so thankful i am still in. it is very hard and intense, yet possible to complete.