Grading scale for Nusing school???

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    Anyone else have a more strict grading scale in their school?? We have to get a 93% for and A and 85% for a B. Are your schools similar?

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    Our grading scale is insane. Need 96 to get an A, 94 to get a B...85 is a C- and 80 is failing.
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    Taught in a community college program where an A was 94%, B was 87%, C was 80%. Anything below a C didn't matter because you were out. More recently, taught in a state university BSN program that thought it was all that -- A was 90%, B was 80%, C was 70% (and most faculty were v. easy graders, too. :uhoh21 Go figure ...
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    mine is like Lemonaidangel - 96 is an A....
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    91-100 A
    90-81 B
    80-76 C
    below 76 failed
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    mine is the same as bsugar's
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    At my university (in Canada)
    Less than 60% is a fail
    60-69% is a C
    70-79% is a B
    80%+ is an A

    Although I am curious as to whether the difficulty of the programs are the same. I mean, if I were a B-average student, would I be failing in a US nursing program that required an 80% to pass? It'd be interesting to see how I did at a school in the States :uhoh21:
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    At NRCC it is:
    Anything else is failing
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    Quote from lemonaidangel
    Our grading scale is insane. Need 96 to get an A, 94 to get a B...85 is a C- and 80 is failing.
    I'm sorry but that is soooo WRONG!

    94 is a B.. are you freaking kidding me? Unreal that 85 is a C-
    We would have maybe 4 students left in our class.
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    wow, Lemonaidangel...that a crazy scale....but is ur program easy or sumtin...b/c thats a very uneven scale..ours are normal take god and most ppl are still on the border...90-100 A, 80-89 B, 70-79 C, and 70 is passing...D=fail

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