Grading issue with foundations humm

  1. 0 Hey everyone! I have a question, I am trying to figure out if I am getting screwed in a grade. We had another foundations exam today, she throws questions out if a lot of people (more than 70%) miss them and she deems them a "bad" question. Anyways, she threw out 4 questions today out of 50. So the test was 50 questions worth 100 points so she said they were 2 points of piece. I missed 5 questions and got 90%, I got the 4 questions she "threw out" correct as well. A few friends of mine missed 2 of the questions she threw out. She had a 92% before her grade was adjusted, then after the 4 questions were thrown out 2 of which she missed her grade went from a 92 to a 96. Same with everyone else. One girl had a 78% teacher threw out the 4 questions she missed 3 of them and her grade went up to a 84%. I feel like that since I got the 4 questions right I got punished by not getting extra points like the people did who missed them. I feel like if you are going to give points back it should be given back to everyone in the class. I am just trying to get a better understanding of this, I am thinking of going to the teacher and asking her to explain, but I don't want to sound like I am "begging" for points which I am not, I just don't feel like it is that "fair".

    Any input? am I totally missing something here?
    I hope I explained this well enough that it makes sense.... Thanks all
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    you got the questions right, and therefore weren't hurt by the "bad" question. You already got the points by knowing the answer.
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    We're they thrown out? Or was everyone given credit? Did your grade go down?
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    Quote from Stephalump
    We're they thrown out? Or was everyone given credit? Did your grade go down?
    My grade stayed the same didn't go up or down, but the people that missed any of the 4 "thrown out" got the points for those questions so their grade went up.
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    Did your grade go down or stay the same? If it stayed the same, I would just take it. I recently had an instructor throw out questions and my grade went down as a result, I would much rather keep my original grade but its just how it worked out. I, too, felt like I was being punished because I missed the "wrong" questions but I can't do anything about it now. If your grade stayed the same, I would be happy. If it went down, I feel your pain.

    Just saw your reply. I know its frustrating, but be thankful it didn't go down.
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    Quote from Wrangler156

    My grade stayed the same didn't go up or down, but the people that missed any of the 4 "thrown out" got the points for those questions so their grade went up.
    You already got points for getting the question right. She isn't giving away free points, she's counting all the answers for those questions as correct. Including the one you picked.

    If the professor completely threw the question out, the test would be fewer questions and your grade would go down. That doesn't seem like a better option.

    So the only other option would be to give everyone "bonus" points so everyone is happy. But then you'd be getting double the points for questions, which isn't fair.

    No matter one, someone is going to complain.

    You earned your grade. The grades of everyone around you have nothing to do with you - there are enough A's out there for everyone. I wouldn't worry about it.
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    That's what I do when I throw a question out. I simply give everyone credit for it, counting every answer as correct. The people who originally missed the question now get the points for that question. The people who got it right (perhaps by just a lucky guess), already have those points -- and were not hurt by the "bad question" to begin with.
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    I would have just re-adjusted the entire test... using 46 questions as the denominator & # right as the numerator to calculate grades. But that's just me.

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