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  1. 0 Anyone ever skirt around disclosing grades to keep a neutral persona in school? I am talking both sides of the spectrum here. Please tell me about your experiences with grades and favoritism/abandonment.
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    Just don't discuss your grades. It's no one's business.
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    I haven't. I was curious to know how others handle it; looking for some deviations, I guess... I consider myself very direct, but my greatest interest, in this particular situation, is in being "Canada."
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    If people ask how I am doing I tell them I am passing. Could be passing with a 74.5 or I could be passing with a 100. No one needs to know
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    When I was in school, there were a couple of students who would always ask everyone, "How did you do, what'd ya get?" It was so very annoying. I never shared, 'What I got.' But I would answer the 'How did you do?' questions by being very vague, like "I did OK." or "That exam was hard, but I passed."
    It's really nobody's business what anyone else "gets" on an exam. Unless, of course, you want to share your score.
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    There is only one student (my best friend) that I share my excate grade with, because people tend to get irritated with you if you do better then them. Last semester I had med surg 1 and most of the class was on the edge of failing or passing, and ppl get really annoyed because in order to pass the class I would have had to gotten like a 72% while most people need to get atleast an 88%, ever since that class I dont tell anyone besides my best friend, I just say "i did good" or "my studying paid off"
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    I think it really depends on your classmates and their attitudes. I've always been an open book and my classmates know that, so I freely share my grade if some asks, but that's me. If you are a private person then just do as some suggested and keep with your generic replies like, "I'm glad I passed" and smile. No one but your close friends you trust will know