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Hello everyone! I just started a job as a nurse tech in Surgery and got to watch a case from open to close! They did exploratory lapendectomy on a 95 yr old pt who had a huge mass in her RLQ. The mass was about the size of a... Read More

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    The first time I was in the OR, I almost fainted. I couldn't take the smell, and the fact I couldn't breathe properly with the mask. I had to leave the room for a while after seeing his bone getting sawed, that day and the next day........I saw a breast augmentation, cataract resection, skin graft and open abd Sx, It was 5 years ago, so I don't remember much. I do remember the doctors getting me a stool, and enjoying their role in "showing me the ropes"

    Scattered through out the last half of nursing school, I also saw a delivery of twins, multiple births and C sections, a circimsision
    and last Spring I saw a brain tumor resection on a 10 y o boy. I got better with time, but I still can't stand the smell of the OR. I have since graduated and I don't think the OR is for me. It is interesting, but not for me.

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    Hi everyone! When I first started nursing school you couldn't tell me I would be working in a hospital, I really wanted to be a home health nurse. Then I did my clinical rotation through OR and loved it too. So I decided that I really liked OR the best and would try it and if things didn't work out I would do home health. I hate scrubbing and can't stand it. I would rather circulate any day! Scrubbing seams more stressful and is more intense to me! lol I have been working recovery for the past 2 weeks and I think I like that much better. So I am gaining alot of experience.
    KC, our OR has 8 suites, we do general, endo, eye, ortho, cysto, and last but not least gyn. The reason I am getting trained in all these area's is because they hired me before I took boards, so I learned scrubbing until I passed. I was originally suppose to work recovery only but at that time there was no openings. I only learned outpatient because we became short staffed and someone had to go and I am the newbie and it was me of course!I just found out I will be doing Holding room, where the patient waits until surgery and where we do our concious sedation permenatly. That's for half a day then I will circulate cases the rest of the day, But take call for recovery! I am ok with that because I have more experience then the people who have been back there for 15 years! lol! Usually our RN's don't learn or scrub in cases. Well I guess I better go after this long reply! lol Talk to you later. Email me if you need any help or want to write!

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    Hello Caroline,

    I was wondering if you can share with me what a lapendectomy exactly is? I know waht a laparoscopy is and an appendectomy, but I am having trouble finding information about an lapendectomy? Is there another term for this surgery?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Hey Caroline, how did you land a job as an OR tech? That sounds really interesting but I guess there wouldn't be much going on during the night shift?? I ask cuz I just took a job as a med/surg tech working the 7p to 7a shift. It's a place to start but I'd probably like to move out of med/surg into other pastures. OR sounds like something I might like. What does the nurse tech do in OR?
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    Glad you are enjoying it. I found the OR to be more on the boring side. The surgeons were entertaining, but it's definitely not where I want to be after graduation.
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    Thats sounds great!! Glad you got to be a part of it! I too am fascinated by the human body, and i cant wait until my OR rotation!!

    Thanks for sharing!
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    I'm so jealous! I'm very interested in surgery. I hope I get to do some OR rotations.

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