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Got to watch a Surgery!! - page 2

Hello everyone! I just started a job as a nurse tech in Surgery and got to watch a case from open to close! They did exploratory lapendectomy on a 95 yr old pt who had a huge mass in her RLQ. The... Read More

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    Hey Caroline, how did you land a job as an OR tech? That sounds really interesting but I guess there wouldn't be much going on during the night shift?? I ask cuz I just took a job as a med/surg tech working the 7p to 7a shift. It's a place to start but I'd probably like to move out of med/surg into other pastures. OR sounds like something I might like. What does the nurse tech do in OR?
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    Glad you are enjoying it. I found the OR to be more on the boring side. The surgeons were entertaining, but it's definitely not where I want to be after graduation.
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    Thats sounds great!! Glad you got to be a part of it! I too am fascinated by the human body, and i cant wait until my OR rotation!!

    Thanks for sharing!
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    I'm so jealous! I'm very interested in surgery. I hope I get to do some OR rotations.