Golden Oldie Students?

  1. I'm just curious... any nursing students in their 50's?
    After many years of having the desire, last spring I decided to apply to LPN school. Was accepted, and started the one year program in August. Very excited and doing well (some classes well, others are a struggle.) But I'm holding my own grade wise and Excedrin does help alot.

    I just found this board yesterday, and have found it very informative. Are there any other "oldie" students out there? If so, what's your plans? I've been researching the Excelsior RN bridge option, once I complete the LPN.
    Please share, so I know I'm not the only Oldie! Thanks in advance.

    And yes, I'm the only grandma in our class. Closest in age is 42....
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  3. by   Scooter321
    I'm a golden oldie too--53 and about to start the final (YES!) semester of my RN program at a community college. There was one student in our class who was older than me by a few years, but sadly we lost her (failed or dropped out, not sure which) in the first semester. Since then I've had the dubious distinction of being the oldest. LOL! It's okay though, and there are a bunch of students in their 40s as well as a bigger bunch who could be my kids. Gulp! I've made some great friends--a couple in particular--and I wouldn't have missed this for the world. It's definitely tough, and I have basically put life on hold for a few years, but I too am doing well, grade-wise. Like you, I have wanted to do this since I was a child, but life got in the way. Now I'm so glad that I listened to that little voice in my head saying "Hey, the kids are grown.... now it's YOUR turn to do what you want." I do worry a bit that my age may be against me when it comes to job hunting, but I know I can do this job and can't wait to get going.

    Congratulations on your acceptance, and good luck in your journey!
  4. by   Stcroix
    58 here and in my second semester RN program. I have done very well in classes and am volunteering at a local hospital to gain experience. I am healthy and determined. Go for it, you are not old until you tell yourself you are!
  5. by   JBudd
    I've had several "golden oldies" in my classes; some excelled and some bombed.
    Its the student, not the age!
  6. by   seasoned hopeful
    i am in my second semester of ns. i am 59 and will be 60 in feb. i did not pass the second semester last time but am back in to pass this time. i will be 61 when i graduate with my rn. how do patients and other students respond to me? most patients feel more comfortable with me, as they think because i am older i am wiser, and i guess that is true. i have had many life experiences that one does not learn from a text book. any way that is my story and i am sticking to it>>
  7. by   Bob_N_VA
    I'm 54 and the oldest (and only guy) in the class. We will be starting our third out of 6 semesters in two days. So far, so good, really enjoying my time in school. I do think we more mature folks bring an outlook that is needed in this type of classroom environment. Lets face it, if anybody can empathize with our older patients, its us. I do think about the fact that I will be 56 by the time I get my license, starting out pretty much as a noob compared to lots of younger nurses with more direct experience. But another poster mentioned, we do bring quite a lot of life experience and hopefully wisdom into the picture. We probably tend to get the benefit of the doubt with our patients especially if we handle ourselves well, something a 20-something cant necessarily claim.
  8. by   Mossback
    I'm 60 and am entering my final semester of a BSN program. I am, by far, the oldest of my cohort of 80 students. Nevertheless, I've been able to keep pace both phyiscally and academically (although it has been a challenge at times). Nursing school has been demanding and exhausting, but overall a wonderful experience.

    I find that being older has a few distinct benefits. While I have undoubtedly lost some mental agility over the years, decades of working and raising a family have given me strong organizational and time managment skills, as well as a bulletproof work ethic.

    Where clinical is concerned, I think being older has helped me relate to patients of all ages. In particulary, I seem to be able to do better with "difficult" patients than some of my younger classmates.

    After graduation and the NCLEX, I hope to go work in a hospital trauma or neuro unit, although the employment picture for new grads in my region is none too rosy.

    I wish you great luck in your nursing journey!
  9. by   echo56
    Thank you all for responding. Your words were just what I needed to hear! Coming off of the two week break over holidays, I was seriously wondering what I was doing... I love the challenge, I love the knowledge, and I've been involved in community service all my life. But sometimes when all the youngsters make the "old" comments, I get to questioning the why in all this. I appreciate your thoughts greatly.

    I definitely agree a mature student brings something unique to the table. In class discussions I hear the "ew, gross! and do people really do that?" comments and have to smile. I can already tell that clinicals will be absolutely fascinating!
  10. by   milzer2012
    Hello There, I'm another - I am applying to an ADN program , an planning to start in the fall.
    This is a second degree for me, and I am so much more Driven to do well than I was in my earlier years.
    I have a 4.0 in prereqs for nursing.

    This time I will do it well, I have a different focus.
    I am doing this with a 10 yr old son, a husband - who are earnng this right along with me.