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I know, I know...another "OMG" thread by another naive first semester newcomer. I just need to let it out. I just wrapped up my first week of nursing school. I had fundamentals as a prereq, so this semester is pharmacology... Read More

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    FDW630 I am listening. Here are some of the words you used to describe your situation:

    "shell shocked"
    "wanted to cry"
    "lost sleep"
    "questioning my ability"
    "nobody has advice"
    "nobodoy understands"

    Some of these feelings a normal feeling while in nursing school, but experiencing loss of sleep and feelings of isolation are concerning.

    When you deal with a problem think like a nurse - use ADPIE. Assess it. Determine what the problem is. Plan and intervention. Implement it and then evaluate to make changes.

    Start with an assessment first:

    Culd the anxiety your experiencing be compounding your stress levels?
    Do you have a support system of friends and family?
    Have you prepared yourself to dedicate your time to the program?
    Can you draw on other experiences where you have succeded? YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE if you were accepted to a nursing program!
    If you feel this is pointless it's important to remember your goals. Why did you start on this road, what motivated you in the beginning?

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    Your feelings are totally normal!! I am starting my 4th semester now, and I can remember my first week of 1st semester like it was yesterday! I don't want to sugar-coat anything because nursing school is just plain HARD! However, it was my experience our professors scared the crap out of us the first week of ONLY the first semester. Nursing school isn't like anything else that you have every done. So looking back on it, I'm thankful to the professors who made me literally question myself if this was something I could do and made the program sound next to impossible to complete. I'm thankful because having the crap scared out of my like that.....better prepared me of what to expect (Even thankful to the professors who made me cry for a week straigh . Anyone can tell you, "This program is tough, be prepared to spend a lot of time on school work" Well a "tough" course means something different to everyone. It is hard, but not impossible. Also for me, most of the time I enjoy and find interesting what I am learning, I just feel rushed. It is very fast pased.

    Previous posts have some really good tips, most of which I have also tried and help me tremendously. You mentioned in your post, "nobody gets it" and I think it's a really good thing you realize that already!! Like I said, I am in my 4th semester and I just joined this site last month! I wish I would have joined my first semester!! Because the truth is, nobody gets it and nobody will ever get it (unless they are a nurse!) I struggled a lot in the beginning with my friends, family and my fiance and it wore on me because I was not receiving the right support. My fiance would say, "I know it's hard but I know you can do it, you'll be great, and on a side note what are we having for supper tonight and what do you want to do this weekend?" Obviously he didn't know how hard it was because he had never been in my shoes, and CLEARLY he had no understanding of the time I needed to dedicate to school! Which only lead to more frustration, and the list goes.....I've lost one of my best friends because I didn't have enough time for, missed out on family events, etc. Point-being- I'm glad you have joined this site because you can receive support from people who ARE going through exactly what you are! It truly is very important to have a really good support system!

    My last tip, that I wish someone would have told me my 1st semester, is to stay organized!!!! I color code each syllabus, binder, clinical folder, etc. Also, the first week of class I use to (because now I do it on my ipad w/ the "Awesome Calendar") go through each syllabus and in a calendar I would write down each quiz date, exam date, assignment due date, etc. I didn't write every detail, such as "Exam 3, chapters 10, 11, 13, 15, 20" I would just write "Exam 3" This way you can look at an entire month and know sort of what is coming up, because there is always something random due or a random lab day and it's impossible to remember it all. In my class there were students who didn't show up to things because they forgot about it and it was on page 15 of the syllabus! Organization is key to not losing your mind

    Sorry, I know I rambled!!! Hang in there and don't them intimidate you!! You can do this!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!!
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