First semester studying tips!!!

  1. I was wondering how everyone studies, I'm overwhelmed already with all the reading! Ok so I know obviously to read the chapter before lecture. I also print out the power points for lecture and take notes on them. I'm also given a list of objectives from the teacher of the chapter prior to class. Should I answer all objectives (I type them up) before class, or do it right after with my extra PowerPoint notes, or both?? I was also thinking I will type of the vocabulary list prior to class for the chapter to study. Does this sound like a good study method so far? I know we are all different but I'm just looking for input and suggestions (how do you study?). Thanks!
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  3. by   nurseywifeymommy1
    I took notes first then did the objectives. I did all the vocabulary on flash cards and read the chapters.
  4. by   Devon Rex

    The best way to learning nursing is to keep in mind four different levels of thinking. The first is called "Recall/Knowledge", then "Understanding", "Application", and "Analysis". What you've described in your question encompasses the first two levels only. In order to succeed in the program, future tests, and becoming the best nurse you can be... you will need to learn to tackle the "Application" and "Analysis" levels.

    The subject is quite large to explain here, SO, I suggest you buy a book that will help you enhace your learning. Such as "Kaplan's NCLEX-RN Strategies for the Registered Nursing Licensing Exam". They sell a new edition every year. If your budget is tight, just a buy an older version off of the information doesn't really change much... the strategies are the same.

    Get into the habit of practicing with NCLEX type questions... they stimulate your thinking by using all four levels I mentioned above.

    Best wishes in your studies !!
  5. by   xxkmpxx
    Great tip thanks. I have a similar book and for a lot of my reading chapters there is a chapter for it with nclex questions which is helpful!
  6. by   besaangel
    Simple answer, I read the chapter summary first then go back and read the chapter.

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  7. by   nursetobe15
    great tip- thats what my professor recommended to the class. to buy an nclex book and practice the questions nursing never changes!