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I am getting ready to start my first semester of nursing school and its VERY expensive. Any ideas on how to cut cost????... Read More

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    I shop online for everything. Books, stethoscope, scrubs (except the whites which have to be ordered from a certain shop). I use ebay, amazon, and other book sites. I try to schedule vaccinations at the health dept where its cheaper. We carpool to save on gas. I know though that it seems like there is something new you have to have every five minutes. It adds up.

    Oh. Also, if its ok with the instructor I might get an older version of some texts. I ALWAYS ask about this first.

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    I personally use College Textbooks - Compare Textbook Prices or Cheap Textbooks - Price Compare College Textbooks - Used, New, Rental & eTextbooks to search for the best prices in general. There are a lot of deals on Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More Online Shopping | eBay too. On ebay you punch in the isbn number. Most books I scored on ebay were much cheaper than any other source. I bid on a few and didn't pay much.

    My nursing school uses US Elsevier Health Bookshop | Mosby, Saunders, Netter & more for all the textbooks(coupon code 82162 to save 20%). There is Lippincott Williams & Wilkins - Home Page (25% off anything up until the 19th) and F.A. Davis Company‚Ä"books, electronic, mobile, and online resources for students, educators, clinicians, and consumers in Nursing, Medicine, and the Health Sciences* also, but my schools uses elsevier.

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