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First day of clinical!

  1. 2 I am soo nervous! After 12 med prep pages till 11:00 last night, and then still not being able to shut my brain I am! Bright and early ready to do my best! I am so nervous though. 4 high alert meds, injections, hip's to not killing anyone today!
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    I'm sure you're doing fine right now. Good luck with the rest of the day and remember to have fun. You're doing something you love!
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    Clinicals ARE stressful. Enjoy/remember your first day of clinicals.

    Remember how stressed out/excited/terrified you were when you've got a nursing student following you in a few years.
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    Good luck, hope you have a wonderful day!!!
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    The last day of clinicals is significantly more exciting than the first.
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    Thanks everyone! I survived! So did the patient. Whew! I think my instructor was more nervous than we were- if that possible! She is new to the school though, and the clinical site. We all did fine, its so much nicer now that we know what to expect- somewhat.
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    Awesome...My first day of clinical is Sunday...I go Saturday afternoon to pick a patient. I kind of want to throw up just THINKING about it!! Haha, so I hope it goes well...
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    Glad you made through your first day!!
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    Makes me excited for my upcoming first day of clinicals which happens next year.
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    My first day of clinical is November 5th and I'm a nervous wreck but excited at the same time.
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    I'm so glad it went great. I am working on my 12th clinical day and I can't even remember what all that nervousness felt like.