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    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone else is running into a problem finding affordable health insurance for the nursing program?? I will only be working part time in August when classes start so I will not be eligible through my work for coverage and I am also a Type 1 diabetic so coverage is extremely hard to find. Can anyone give any tips or places to look that may provide affordable plans for someone like me??

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    Do you have a Volunteers In Medicine or other low income clinic in your area that you would be eligible for? I lost my insurance during nursing school and hope to find a job SOON to get it back. Good luck!
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    I have a doctor that I used to work for that sees me without my insurance and a program I use to get help on my insulin right now but it is required for me to have health insurance the entire time I am in nursing school per the program I am going into. I have to be able to provide proof that I have it before August 6th or I will lose my spot for the program
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    Have you checked out That's where I plan on getting mine from. Don't forget, in 2014 they will not be able to refuse you based on pre-existing conditions.
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    I haven't looked into that I will though...unfortunately I have to have the proof before 2014 I did have someone tell me that the NSNA offers insurance for nursing students but I am unsure if they cover preexisting conditions and really don't want to purchase a membership and not use it for anything else. I live in a small town so none of their conferences are ever held around here that I know of. Do any of you guys know about the NSNA?
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    I went through I have a pre-existing condition that is not covered under "normal" plans, but I was able to work with an agent to find one that would cover me.
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    Hi there,
    I purchased health insurance through NSNA. It was about $360.00 for 3 months coverage. I don't recall them ever asking for any health history when I signed up. I've had the insurance now for 4 months and its been great! Here the link:
    est of luck!
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    CindysBrain do you recall what the down payment for that was for initial start up? Also is the coverage only paid in 3 month premiums? Sorry for all the questions I am just trying to find something that is relatively affordable due to only working about 20 hours a week
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    Soccermang21 do you like the coverage through Will this coverage be sufficient for the ADN program since it is just liability coverage and not complete health insurance? Again I am sorry for all the questions I am just trying to search all options.
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    No, there was no down payment and if I recall correctly you could purchase 3, 6, & 12 months at a time. I purchased this insurance when our family lost our coverage and the nursing coordinator at my program recommended it. I was still able to see my existing Dr. under the plan.

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