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Finals week!

  1. 0 It's the end of my first semester! It has really flown by..but there were some days when I wanted to quit! I am so happy to say I didn't flunk one class, or quit! Lol. I feel like I've learned so much, yet barely scratched the surface when it comes to nursing. Can't wait to learn more! Oh wait, yes I can. I am going to enjoy my 5 week break to the fullest! Good luck on finals peeps, I have 3 more then I'm ready to party!
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    Good luck to you too.

    I've got my big proctored ATI test today and the final on Wednesday. I'm pretty calm considering this week is worth 35% of my grade and can make or break me. I had a test on Friday, but didn't get my grade yet, so, once I have that grade, I'll know what I need to pull out for the final. Ugh!!!!

    Just 3 more days. Just 3 more days. Just 3 more days!!!!!!
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    Right there with you! Tomorrow is my final. Can't wait to be done with it and enjoy my long awaited, long over due break!
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    My final is tomorrow! Med surge 1 was good, going into my final with a 87 avg(so excited about that)! My teacher gave us a study guide since our final comes from previous test & i looked over them all last week & today im studyin one last time, then off to work from 3-11 & THIS SEMESTER IS OVER! WOOHOOO!
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    Good luck everyone! Took my fundies final today. Only worth 15% of my grade, but everyone walked out of their shaking their heads! It was not what we expected! Two more and I'm done though, can't wait!
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    Good luck this week!

    We had our lab finals last week (made a 98% on written and 93% on skills) and our Hesi today (96% but oh my goodness...I thought I was going to fail!) and Wednesday is my cumulative lecture final. I'm the most nervous about that one since it's over so much material and 30% of my grade. Study study study!!!
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    I took my Med Surg 2 final today. I needed at least a 66 to get a B in the class or a 100 to get an A lol.. ended up getting an 87.5 and am very happy about that. Had to take also my Mid Term Hesi and got a 947 / 84% which my teacher says is a really good grade . Now waiting until Thursday that I have to take my Pharm final... just need an 86 to get an A, I hope I can make it .
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    Took my A&P 1 final today and I killed it! I needed a 70% on it to get an A in the class overall.
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    I have an IV test tomorrow, oncology test on Thursday, and my final is on Friday. I'm sitting pretty good grade wise...sadly an A isn't within my reach but I'm over it lol. I can't wait for the weekend! I'm gonna spend some much needed time with the kids and the hubby. Then I'm gonna sleep...a lot lol

    I hope everyone enjoys their month off. I know I will