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False Positive TB Test?

  1. 0 I was just wondering...I slept on my TB test site about 2 hours after I got it done and now Im worried I messed it up. I know your not supposed to rub it or anything like that so thats why Im worried about it. This is my second step TB test. I cant get it redone because I also got the varicella today and have to wait 28 days for any other vaccine. Im scared now Ill get a positive and have to get a chest X-ray. I don't have any health insurance and don't want to pay for that as well. It wouldn't be such a big deal but as you all know we have meticulous schedules to get vaccination records turned into school by and I need them turned in by 2 weeks. Should I be worried about my nap on my TB site? It doesn't really look bad maybe slightly red if you would even call it that and maybe barely raised. I beed to have it read on monday. I know Ill be worried until then. My first step TB last week was fine.
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    We can't give medical advice, but you can Google images of a positive TB test.

    That should give you an idea of what a true positive looks like. If it doesn't look like the pictures, don't worry about it.
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    Red is not an indication of a positive TB skin test, it's the induration or as my one nursing school instructor referred to it "the size of the peanut under the skin". A hive, welt or red mark is not an indication of a positive TB test.

    But don't use me as your source, here are resources from the CDC regarding TB Skin Testing, I do not see "napping on TB site" as a cause of a false positive reaction. CDC | TB | Fact Sheets - Tuberculin Skin Testing for TB
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    Thanks for the link. =)
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    As said....we cannot offer medical advice as per the TOS
    Medical Advice:
    ALLNURSES.COM, INC or it's members do not offer medical advice. Any requests for such will be taken down. If you have a medical problem, please seek attention from your health care provider. You are not allowed to ask for medical advice related to a health situation that affects you, a family member, or someone you know
    Follow up with your PCP.....but sleeping on your test should not change the outcome. Thread closed