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Sorry if this is covered somewhere else, but I haven't been able to find an answer for this specific question... So, a friend of mine is about to start nursing school, and she wanted to know... Read More

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    I forgot to mention that I've been randomly drug tested at work at least 3 times in addition to my initial drug test upon hire.

    Many times it was because the pyxis count was off.

    So, get used to the testing.

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    Quote from BabyLady
    What the nursing instructor told you is incorrect. Having surgery is legally protected as a short-term disability. That is blatant, discrimination. You have the right to be treated and they have to give you reasonable accommodations.

    Neither the school nor the facility has the right to tell you that you cannot be treated.

    Not all pain pills "impair" you and it was wrong for her to put you in that category.
    Actually, when I got really scared about the drug test because I had taken one pill I called my director and the HR Director at the hospital where we do clinicals and they told me the same thing. I spoke to my surgeon also and he was livid...actually to quote "They will allow me to do surgery but won't allow me to prescribe meds, I will go to the board myself with this". Nothing ever came of it because I passed the drug screen, because I didn't want to take the chance. (it was hydrocodone, btw)

    Legally protected or not, that was the rules of the hospital and the school so if it had come down to fighting it it definately would have been a major ordeal taking on the hospitals and the school and then how pleasant would my next 2 years of education been?

    Not to hijack the thread.....but beware even if you are on a prescription
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    Quote from Diane-RN Student
    I'm surprised. I thought it was a JAHCO regulation or something that students
    are drug tested if they are doing clinical rotation at a hospital.
    Not sure about the regulations on the drug screening. I am a year into the program and have been to LTC as well as 4 different floors at the hospital and have yet to be required to take a drug test on any of us. Guess it doesnt really matter, if they pop one on us ever I will pass with flying colors!
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    Here in Los Angeles, I don't think I've seen any documentation at my school or for my clinical requiring a drug screen.... Yes its serious business.. my cousin had action taken on her license for taking something she got on the internet...that she couldn't produce a prescription for.

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