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Drug books!?

  1. 0 What drug books do you guys like?
    We have to get Mosby's for class, which I'll get but im wondering if its the best?
    Ive heard its fabulous but just want some opinions! thanks guys!
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    My . I didn't actually buy a drug book. I used the online version Of Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses available through my school's library. If I needed to reference something at clinical there are always drug books by our med carts and there's an online drug reference through the hospital as well. I just felt like if I got it for "free" online I should take advantage of it (not totally free because my school fees are paying for it). I also liked it because I could copy and paste into my drug study guides. I like Davis the best, but I don't see too much difference between all of them.
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    I like the Davis guide too. Not many of the teachers require students to do drug cards anymore but this book has really helped me when I have had to do cards.
    I like Davis because it includes the nursing interventions, contraindications, and is just easy to use.

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    I bought Davis. It was actually recommended by my teacher and I like the interventions.
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    My instructors require us to have a drug book, but didn't specify which one. The bookstore only stocked Davis' but, I found Mosby's online for less, however, before I bought it, I emailed my advisor to check if Mosby's would be okay. She said that she preferred Mosby's, so I went with it. So far, it's working out. We have to carry our drug books to clinicals, and we have to do drug cards. I guess my instructors are a little bit old-fashioned compared to some others.