Down hill from here on out!!

  1. I'm about to start my third semester in a week or so. I just got done with my program's dreaded second semester and the popular consensus among alumni is that things get a little easier from here on out. I just got my first B in the program this last semester as it was a freaking maelstrom! Maternal infant nursing contained so much material that it was almost inhumane at times. All in all, despite getting my first B in maternal infant nursing, I can honestly say that I'm proud of myself for enduring the such a crazy semester.
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  3. by   RunBabyRN
    Congratulations! Here's hoping the rumors are correct.
  4. by   NightNurseRN13
    I think my last semester was easier than the previous ones. I think it's because you have your fundamentals and have learned to critically think at a better capacity than before. BUT.... don't get comfortable! You've come so far and the light at the end of the tunnel is visible, treat this semester with just as much importance as the others, NCLEX-RN is right around the corner!!

    Congratulations, I know you are excited to be that much closer to your goal. :P
  5. by   ArrowRN
    Don't ever believe the rumors and never get complacent. In the race to the finish line is where many runners loose out because that thought they had the win in the bag then someone leaned in the chest and stole their gold medal from them. Study harder and be consistent entering your third semester.