Does your class have a facebook page?

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    Does your class have a facebook page? A few of us were discussing the possibility of starting one, but I thought I would get some outside input. I know there is the risk of someone sharing too much information. Do you think the ease of contacting everyone is worth the risks? Please weigh in! Thanks, Relysh

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    Actually meant to put this in the General Student Nurse section! Oh well...
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    If you set up rules and have someone oversee it, I think it is a great idea. We have a facebook page and it is mostly used to share news/jokes and also fundraising and event information. The group is also PRIVATE, so in case someone does mention something they shouldn't, it can be deleted without everyone and their brother seeing it and complaining to the Dean.
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    My class had a facebook page (it was a group with the "secret group" settings - so unless you were in the group, you couldn't even see that the group existed, let alone comments made in it). It was extremely helpful. We'd go to each other with questions, share study tips, etc. Just be very, very careful about what you post. You should never discuss tests or test questions in the group. Everything else is fair game. It's a great way to bond with your classmates as well as keep in touch after you graduate! My classmates continue to stay in contact on there and we frequently post job listings for those looking for jobs.
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    Yes, my class does and it is beyond helpful! Like the previous poster the group is secret and fully locked/private. It does not come up in searches nor do our posts show on our own pages. Joining was by invite only. It is a huge help and keeps us connected and updated.
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    My class does ,it is private and we discouraged any discoraging remarks or cheating in the group discussion. It was very useful to have we discovered YouTube videos and study tips and would post them for each other to see and it was so helpful. We all graduated this month and now we use it to keep in touch with each other, since we became one big family
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    Yes, we have a private group and it has really helped with people needing to remember due dates and get assistance with APA standards for writing papers, translating instructions on a rubric, math, frustrations, get-togethers. I think it is nice to be able to get an almost instant response from several classmates.
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    We have a facebook page and I cannot imagine us not having one!! It is private with only our classmates in it and it so helpful. We ask whatever questions about class and clinical we may have, we vent our frustrations, and we voice our concerns. There is always someone with a question that they did not hear in class that someone can answer so it is perfect. I say go for it!
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    I think its a great idea for school only. But, I'd be weary of "friending" anyone on one's personal facebook page. You just never know and problems can arise.

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