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Hi, I am a rising 4th year nursing student doing a project for a statistics class and am designing an experiment to see if there is a correlation between being a nurse/nursing student and donating... Read More

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    I have donated 2 - 3 times a year for the past 20 years. I am O neg so yes I do feel a little bit of a pull
    to donate for altruistic reasons....but I will be honest, at heart I am a mercenary.
    I time my donations to coincide with major blood drives by radio stations or big events.
    I am a blood donor t-shirt junkie. I have tons of t-shirts, have gone to several concerts for free, get movie tickets, cd's, posters, etc. With the new Twilight movie coming out (which I have no desire to see) my wife found out they are giving free tix for donations of blood and is pushing me to go.
    Aside from the "swag" I get for donating I still enjoy knowing I helped out.
    I Have donated plasma once...and ever since I only donate whole blood ...was a nasty clinic in the inner city that was a perfect sterotype of of the kind of clinic that only winos and junkies would go to sell blood for cash to buy their next fix or bottle. Also the techs skills were abit suspect. Finally I did not enjoy the feeling of the "blood" being pumped back into me.
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    I'm ineligible b/c I receive acupuncture treatments. That disqualifies you for 12 months after your last treatment.
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    I give as soon as I am eligible and have for about 3 years. Nothing related to nursing school. I got tattoos a year ago but our state is completely legit so I was able to keep giving. DH and I both do this.
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    I can't donate because my veins are too small to get a good stick. When I was in the hospital for a surgery, they had to do a PICC line because my veins kept collapsing within an hour of the IV being placed! I've always tried to donate, though... Once I went through 15 needle sticks before the nurses all gave up and told me, thanks, but no thanks.
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    I have donated platelets in the past. I currently can't donate platelets any longer due to antibodies in my blood that have the potential to cause TRALI in some patients. I can still give my red cells, though. Also, I have been employed by a blood center for the past 5 years. I would like to clear up some misconceptions about donating:

    1. If you donate in a "plasma center" your blood goes to companies to make cosmetics and other products. It is not transfused to people because the FDA believes that if people are paid to donate then they would not be truthful on the questionnaire therefore potentially making the blood supply unsafe.

    2. In my blood center if you have acupuncture you can donate as long as they are single use needles or if they are your own personal needles.

    3. There are currently 32 states who let you donate if you've had a tattoo in the last year. These states regulate their tattoo facilities. If you received your tattoo in a state that regulates their tattoo facilities and your tattoo is clean dry and pain free then you should be able to donate blood. If you receive it in one of the 18 states who do not regulate their tattoo facilities, another country, or you have it done in someone's home then you have to wait 12 months. Also, piercings are fine as long as its a sterile single use needle.

    4. There are very few medications that prohibit you from donating, you can even donate on coumadin as long as your levels are stable. Examples of meds that prohibit you from donating are accutane, proscar, propecia, avodart etc. After you stop taking them for a certain period of time you can resume donating. These drugs are prohibited because the cause birth defects and they may potentially be transfused to someone who is pregnant.

    Less than 5% of the population who is eligible to donate actually donate. Some don't ever attempt because of misconceptions.
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    I do, usually 2 or more times a year. Lately I have been doing the apheresis route (double red they call it) if its available. I like to do it, it's a good way to give back to others.
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    Quote from Shanfuturenurse
    I voted yes but....being a nursing student had no bearing on my donations. I did the same long before I ever considered nursing as a career

    This is my answer as well.
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    I do. I donate blood and sometimes I'll feel crazy and donate plasma. That is, the days I am not cold because donating plasma is a chilling experience but rewarding.
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    i typically donate two times a year at our campus. i also work with a club to promote donating blood on campus and in our community, but it's shocking to see how many people are afraid of needles!

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