Dismissed from BSN Program

  1. On March of this year, I was recently dismissed from my Nursing program due to uncorrected professionalism issues. It was decided by the Academic Board that I would be dismissed and when I applied for an appeal, it was denied. Today (5/10/2017) was the day I was prepared to graduate with my BSN after 6 years of being in college. 6 years because I did not make it into the nursing program my first time, and I failed 1 course when I was in the program. Even with those set backs, I continued to pursue my dream to be a nurse.

    Now I am home, with nothing to show to the time I spent away from home in college. I have reached a point where I don't know what to do next. Schools in my area do not accept nursing credits and I will have to retake ALL of my nursing courses over again IF I get accepted. I was told that (in Florida) I may be able to apply to take my LPN boards and try bridging; however, with that option, they require a signed PNEQ form to be signed by my Dean which I am obviously not in pleasant terms with. I don't know what to do. Please help.
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    The old adage about making one's bed comes to mind. I see your only option is to humble yourself, go to the Dean and see if you can get the magic PNEQ form. It is highly unlikely another school would admit you with that mark on your record.
  4. by   Simplistic
    Wow.. Stay strong..
  5. by   N. Maren
    The perception professionalism in the eyes of institutions is something that can really make or break a career. Unfortunately, such a thing is also subjective. I do not know the full story, but I too think that pleading with the dean for the form is the least painful way to get back on your feet. Otherwise, as stated, with such a thing on your record, it will be hard to gain admission...
  6. by   Dozier
    I put together this email for my dean. Could someone please check to see if it is in anyway unprofessional, rude, or inappropriate?

    I learned that students who have successfully completed courses, equivalent to practical nursing education in a professional (RN) nursing program, may qualify for NCLEX-PN based on practical nursing equivalency (PNEQ). The official Florida website states the following:
    “All professional (RN) courses taken must have been successfully completed with a grade of “C” or better and must have included theory and clinical instruction. The professional or practical nursing curriculum must document clinical experience and theoretical instruction in medical, surgical, obstetric, pediatric and geriatric nursing. Each curriculum plan must document clinical training experience in appropriate settings that include, but are not limited to, acute care, long-term care and community settings. Applicants for PNEQ must have their school submit official transcripts, course descriptions and a completed Practical Nurse Equivalency Application Letter (found in the Examination application)."
    Florida Board of Nursing >> What do I need to qualify for the Practical Nurse Equivalency Examination (PNEQ)? - Licensing, Renewals & Information
    I already had my transcripts sent for review, and it was received by the State. After speaking with a representative from the state office, the only items needed to complete my application is a (1) signed PNEQ form and a (2) course description submitted by the dean/ director of nursing.
    I attached the Practical Nurse Equivalency (PNEQ) Application Letter for you to sign with this email (last page). Please print, sign, and mail this letter along with a copy of PCC’s Nursing Program Course description to Florida Board of Nursing 4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin # C02 Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3252 so that I may complete my application.
    Please contact me with any questions or concerns by email or phone.
    Thank you for your time,

  7. by   N. Maren
    Hi Dozier,

    While I think your email is fine, may I ask what prompted them to perceive you as "unprofessional"? The reason I ask is because, as it stands, the email does not address the issue at all. If you really are on bad terms with the dean, the dean is likely looking for some sort of apology or show of goodwill from you (whether you may think he/she deserves it or not!) As it stands, the email is very businesslike and to the point, which may be fine under normal circumstances, but as it stands you are currently asking him/her for a favor. As you write the email, ask yourself "why should he/she do this for me?" and word your email accordingly.

    Those are my recommendations though -- all the best!
  8. by   caliotter3
    Agree with previous poster. Nowhere in your email do you mention any remorse or acceptance of responsibility. Nor do you ask her to grant you the favor. Instead, you tersely instruct her to sign the form, something she certainly knows how to do.
  9. by   Dozier
    I appreciate your recommendation. I already sent the email and she said she will send it out tomorrow morning. Everything is on track for me to at least take my LPN boards. I will start studying from NCLEX-PN books and maybe take Hurst Review PN.
  10. by   Dozier
    In my letter of appeal, I accepted responsibility and showed remorse. I showed a genuine desire to correct my faults. The appeal was later denied. I have the option of taking 3 summer courses to earn a Bachelor Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies to at least have a 4 year degree under my belt, however, I do not have $2000 to pay for those courses.

    There are many lessons I am learning from this. This being the most difficult time in my life, I am blessed and thankful for the things I took for granted such as my CNA job, the fact that I am not blind, the fact that I can walk, etc.

    I will overcome this, and this will make me stronger. I will move forward.
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  11. by   Jess8780
    Kudos to you! Stay positive and strong! You will see sunshine after a storm.
  12. by   AMR1
    I am sorry this happened to you. I do not your full story but I hope that it will make your a stronger, humble, and wonderful nurse (yes, you can make it!). Wish you the very best.
  13. by   rob95
    Good luck! I saw your newest post showing you were all set on going the LPN Route!!! If that doesn't work out, maybe you should consider another career choice.
  14. by   Workitinurfava
    It sounds like the repeated issues they had with your performance at school became all too many. If you get back in you will have to dig real deep and correct the issues. Please don't take this the wrong way but did you not see this coming?