Dimensional Analysis Math Problems Website For Nursing Math

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    i need some very much. i had a few but i lost the bookmarks.

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    here you go:

    http://www.wwnorton.com/chemistry/tutorials/ch1.htm - click on "1.4 dimensional analysis". it is an interactive program that explains dimensional analysis using animation rather than video in what i thought were very simple terms. also includes several problems you can try your hand at which are not chemistry related but utilize the concepts of dimensional analysis.

    http://www.alysion.org/dimensional/analysis.htm#guide - medication math for the nursing student. great site with a variety of facts you need in a nice nutshell to do calculations including conversion factors, common abbreviations, a discussion about dimensional analysis, and practice problems with answers

    http://www-isu.indstate.edu/mary/tutorial.htm - from the indiana state university a "basics" page on medication math with explanations on how to do a number of different types of medications problems (including iv problems), conversions and dimensional analysis with links to lots of practice quizzes.

    http://connection.lww.com/products/m...dfs/pt0002.pdf - 90 iv rate calculation problems! and here are the answers to all 90 http://connection.lww.com/products/m...dfs/ak0002.pdf fully worked out and shown to you by both dimensional analysis and ratio methods!
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    thanks a million
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    http://wps.prenhall.com/chet_olsen_medicaldosage_9/, tri here, it may help. Good luck. Imiv
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    i <3 dimensional analysis
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    Thanks Daytonite for the helpful links. I'm in my second year and they've just introduced dimensional analysis. One more semester after this and they decide to throw us this "curveball!" I've done just fine with my trusted and true ratio and proportion but your links at least give an explanation and comparison. Thanks again!
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    i Googled "med math pharm", "nursing math", etc. and found lots of good sites with practice quizzes.
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    this is an old thread. there are a whole slew of links to practice problems post on the nursing math thread in this forum at: http://allnurses.com/forums/f50/nurs...ad-264395.html. it is one of the stickys.
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    We are a self taught Pharmacololgy program and this semester has been very hard thanks sooo much for the websites.
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    Thank for the sites. I am going to need it (smile)

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