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Hi! Will begin RN-Nursing degree in January 2011 for SPC and am really curious as to what to expect in both the classrooms and clinicals. Can anyone provide a sort of a "day in the life" of a first semester RN nursing student... Read More

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    Quote from Mom/Nurse
    IrishGrrl-I wouldn't worry about having a kid (or two). I'm not a nursing student yet, but my cousin is about to graduate the ADN program that I'm applying to and she is graduating with a mom of 5 kids. She said she does better than students in the class with no kids and are younger than she is. It can be done! It's all about time managment and you seem to have that down already. GL!
    Yes, but does this mom work? It is very hard to work 40 hours a week and go to nursing school with any previous medical background. I guess I am jealous. I was surprised to find out how many people do not work while in nursing school.. I guess it's smart on their behalf.

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    Yes, but does this mom work? It is very hard to work 40 hours a week and go to nursing school with any previous medical background.
    I have no idea, but my guess would be no. The school she attends strongly suggests that you do not work full-time your first year as a student. I know that's not feasible for some (or even most) people, but I was giving an example of an extreme situation (mom w/ 5 kids) and she is doing just fine in a rigorous nursing program.
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    My 1st semester wasn't that bad and I have a husband a a child who will be 2 in 2 days :-)

    My schedule was like this:

    Monday: math 9-10, pharm 10-12, work 1-630,go home ,go home cook, clean, and study all at the same time + more studying!!!
    Tuesday: work 8-530 + study at work and after work
    Wednesday: math 9-10, work 11-2, clinical 3-9
    Thursday: work 8-530+ study study study
    Friday: math 9-10, lecture 10-1, work 2-530 the off to church
    Saturday: clean, study, play w/ baby/hubby
    Sunday: church all day (a me day)

    Ps: I work 30 hrs a week and. Had and american history class online, and didn't need the math class ended up with 3B's and an A :-)...culd have done better but ill take those grades ;-)
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    It seems as though everyone has multiple days they have lecture or lab or clinical or all of the above. My schedule seems so simple compared to everyone elses.

    Monday - Lecture 9:10-12:40
    Tuesday - 1st part of semester lab 8-3, 2nd part of semester clinical 7-3
    Tuesday - Micro 5:15-7:45
    Thursday - Micro Lab 5:15-8:15

    I basically go for a few hours Monday, all day Tuesday and then Thursday night. I am totally off Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    I really LOVE my schedule this semester!

    Last semester wasnt bad either; I had lecture and lab from 9-3 on Wednesday and clinicals from 7-3 on Thursday.
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    Hello there!

    I recently got accepted into a nursing program in southern California. I am beyond thrilled but obviously nervous. I begin in January, and will be taking night classes as I need to maintain my day job. My question is regarding clinicals. I'm sure they vary from place to place, but what are they like? (Especially in the beginning). Is it mostly shadowing, or do the nurses just let you go at it? I know they are with you every step of the way, but how stressful/challenging is it? More than the course load, I am a bit nervous about clinicals. Also, do you know if many students find work after graduation from the connections they made at their clinicals? Does that happen often? Today, I hear many recent grads complaining that they can't find work, and that surprises me considering the amount of time they are spending at hospitals during rotations. Perhaps that is a different question for an entirely different post, haha.

    Good luck to you all!

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