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    Hello everyone... I did check the archives for this but I was pretty frustrated when I found out today that the uniform requirement for clinicals is white skirt (I think white pants are okay too), white top and this is the real kicker .... A WHITE HAT... I thought wearing the hat was gone already. I guess it is not a big deal but boy I hate wearing any hat much less a white hat with wings.. What do most of you get to wear? Anybody else have to wear a hat??

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    Just curious are you going to a hospital diploma program? I know that some of those still use the hat, but I didn't think that there were many places still using them. I would hate that! Sorry.

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    We have to wear a white tunic top and white pants, with white shoes, and white (not beige!) undergarments. We have to wear a hat for dedication and graduation. I would be really annoyed if they tried to make us wear the hat all the time...I have enough trouble getting my hair right as it is.
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    All white here too, except for the maroon school insignia thingy. No hat, thank God, except for pictures/graduation.

    I hate white. I look like a giant birthday cake.
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    Do the men have to wear hats too?
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    The information came from a guy I know that is in clinicals now. He tells me that even the guys have to wear them and yes that is all of the time. The program is not a hospital based program but Winchester Medical Center coordinates with Lord Fairfax for the program clinicals. I am crossing my fingers that by the time I get to the hospital clinicals, they have pulled the plug on the crazy hats. I would not mind wearing them for pictures but all day....ughh....
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    I am sorry for my previous post.. I assumed that he was telling me that the men and women wear these WHITE HATS.. But they do not. The men do not have to wear them. He was just trying to be funny by telling me that they did. He tells me that they are just trying to hold on to a tradition that goes way back. I guess that makes it a little better but I still hate the idea of having to wear a white hat.....
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    I would protest this. If the men don't wear them, you should not have to either. Skirts or hats....
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    I am really considering it... Maybe some of the other girls feel the same way. I should find out.. I will let you all know how it comes along..

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    We wear white pants, a yellow polo shirt with the school's logo, and a white lab coat. It looks pretty professional in my opinion even though I'm not a huge fan of yellow.

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