Clinical sites for new nursing students

  1. Just curious what type of healthcare facility all the new nursing students will be doing clinicals at. My school will be sending us to a nursing home for the first semester, and then for the remainder we will do it at a hospital.
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  3. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    Our first semester is at a Long Term Care Facility and I believe the rest are at a hospital as well but I am not positive.
  4. by   RNMeg
    Our first rotation was in a long-term care facility. The second semester was a long-term acute care facility (basically a small, standalone med/surg floor not associated with a main hospital). Third semester and fourth semesters were spent in a main hospital, and 5th semester will be in various home health and community nursing agencies around town. 6th semester is our capstone, where we work with an RN on the floor of our choice, as well as with the county public health department.
  5. by   sh1901
    Our first semester we did two rotations. Our first was in a LTC facility, and our second was a med/surg floor. I'm in my second semester and we do three rotations, first is med/surg, second is OB and third is Pediatrics. I'm at the same hospital for the first two and then go to Children's hospital for the third. I'm not really sure what happens beyond this semester yet.
  6. by   biblepoet
    I have did mostly in hospitals. We did third med-surg unit in Select which is an long-term ICU hospital.
  7. by   Kringe38
    We're going to do a LTC facility first, starting in October. After that I assume mostly hospitals. Instructor said that LTC facilities are good for beginning students, usually a slower pace.
  8. by   Angels_wearScrubs
    I just started my program two weeks ago. We have clinical orientation on sept 18th and we start in the hospital on a step-down unit a week after that. I had no idea what a step down unit was. My instructor said it is a "step down" from an ICU, but the patients aren't stable enough to be in med-surg. Why they are letting us newbies in a step down unit with all of 5 weeks experience is beyond me...?? :uhoh21: But hopefully I learn a lot!!!
  9. by   Aurora77
    We were told our first rotation is at a nursing home--beyond that, it's a surprise!