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This is a howdunit more than a whodunit. There is a student in my nursing class who is getting 100% on almost all her med surg exams. I'm pretty sure she's cheating, but I don't know how. And I was wondering if anyone who's... Read More

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    Quote from meatballgirl
    This is a howdunit more than a whodunit.

    There is a student in my nursing class who is getting 100% on almost all her med surg exams. I'm pretty sure she's cheating, but I don't know how. And I was wondering if anyone who's been through the rigors of nursing school can help me figure it out. Just for my own edification.

    This student reads, writes, and speaks English horribly. I mean horribly. We had this one project on which she completely wrote the wrong things for every section. She could barely copy the English words correctly on her paper, let alone understand what they mean. In clinicals, she can't really follow directions well. She doesn't understand fully what's being said. Yet, on these really hard med surg tests where even the best students in the class who are US native speakers can't get a perfect score, she's getting a 100%. Perfect, more than once.

    I believe people can get lucky or be lucky guessers. But the probability is pretty crazy for every single time. Thing is the teacher always collects the exam and the scantron after every test. No class gets to keep either. And no one knows if they got the answers right until later and then no one gets to keep the scantron.

    I don't know how she's cheating, but I'm pretty sure she has to be. I caught her cheating on a pharm test. Another student was circling the answers on the test for her and then handing the test back. But I have no idea how she's doing 100% on these med surg tests.

    It scares me because her performance in clinicals are alarming. I know she bribes other students to do her work, even if it's a simple project. Any smartie out there who knows how she might be pulling this off?

    A buddy of mine thinks she's got to the teacher somehow...
    The situation does sound suspicious. But having a gut feeling of foul play and being 100% certain are two totally different things. So my advice is just leave it off and just concentrate on your own school work.
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    Word of advice from someone that got tangled up in the past in reporting a fellow student for cheating: leave it alone. Trust me. It'll cause you more trouble than what it's worth if it ever gets out that you were the whistle blower. Mind your own business, focus on your studies, and have faith that their lying ways will catch up with them eventually. Like when they take the NCLEX.
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    You don't know that she is cheating on these exams. Is it fishy? Without a doubt. And I promise you that if she is as poor a student as you've painted her to be, the instructors are suspicious of her 100s already.

    What you DO KNOW is she pays people to do her assignments. THAT is blatant cheating. That is something you can go to the administration with. Cheating on her exams, with absolutely nothing but conjecture, there really isn't a whole lot you can do.
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    LOL yeah. Cheating will only get them to NCLEX where they will fail spectacularly. Also, things will look fishy in clinicals when they have absolutely no clue about what is going on with their patients.
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    Maybe she has a test bank or knows where the professor gets her/his tests from. That's a possibility. I left it alone when I saw it. If I openly saw it, I'm sure my professor did too and chose to ignore it. When I expressed my frustration, just know your hard work will end up with you passing the NCLEX!
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    She may have gotten ahold of copies of your test somehow.

    Our class takes all of out tests, with the exception of math exams, online. Apparently in the past someone hacked in and stole all the test questions.

    If it can be done, someone will find a way.
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    All of our tests go to the printer on campus. If you follow the test from inception to how it lands in front of you there is usually a link somewhere in the chain.

    Things like this is why I tell everyone that I get zeros on all my tests.
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    if she's cheating she needs to be dropped from the nursing program because cheating will not help her as a nurse........js
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    While this all sounds suspicious, I am concerned with some of your reasoning. I wouldn't jump to conclusions about someone's ability to perform academically based on their dialect. Also, some people struggle in clinicals and do well on written exams; the hands-on learning may come at a slower pace for some. If you are certain you saw her cheat on a pharm exam, then you have a legitimate reason to report her to the SON. Your assumption that she received a 100% on her med-surg exams and is incapable of doing so without cheating is not backed by facts, so I would hesitate to make any accusations.
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    Have you assessed your perceptions or hatred towards this student. If the accusations are true evidence should be easy to collect.

    Remember Professors are nurses with extensive nursing career they are no fools. If they are choosing to turn a blind eye by letting her progress then I would proceed with caution. It is there job to stop/ prevent unsafe students from progressing or becoming nurses not yours.

    If you believe your good intentions are for patients safety then by all means go right ahead and report her.

    Wish you the best in your decision.
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