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Hypothetical situation.... Student A and student B are friends, obviously both in nursing school. Both hold themselves in the top of the class. Students have to give a teaching project in class and have 3 months warning to... Read More

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    I appreciate everyone's replies. It is a mess no matter what, I guess I just wish people thought more. Thought more about other people when they act on a situation. I can't tell you how much I have grieved over this mess since it happened. Our nursing director said that she would facilitate a reconciliation between myself and Student B prior to the new semester starting. 7 months left and seems far away still.
    Wow, I really feel for you. I would never dream of stealing someone else's work, even if they told me it was okay. I think you did the right thing, despite any negative consequences that may come. As a nurse people would be trusting their lives with student "b" and that is scary considering their obviously low ethical/moral standards. It just wasn't the right career for them, and that's not your fault.