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Hey guys! Starting my nursing class on September 5. I am nervous, excited and did I say nervous. Let's start a thread together and support each other on this journey. Got all my books but I have yet to buy my uniform and shoes. I... Read More

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    I just started on monday! I love it so far! It is so interesting and my brain is learning so much. You will do great!
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    I just started this week. It is a lot! Lots of reading, learning skills, and the teachers really expect you to have pre read everything you're covering. It is interesting though, and covering assessments really makes me feel like a nursing student! Haha.
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    I'm making so many changes and preparations to start my program.. Becoming an to RN has always been a dream of mine! Last week was a bit overwhelming but I feel like its all coming together now. Im So excited and grateful that I'm almost there (becoming an LPN first was my intro to nursing but I am glad I did t that way first)
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    Hey guys, I am so glad we are starting this journey together. we should check in daily if we can to talk about our nursing classes experience so we can support and cheer each other on...we can do this, lets all make a pact to see this through till graduation. no quitters here. Lets help each other get through this uphill rewarding journey. Glad to meet all of you. We are all at the smart people so we should be able to help each other if one of us is having some difficulty in an area....with that said....lets start planning our graduation. I dont know how to lets all succeed!

    you guys are my new compadre.

    I figure if we start this thread it will be our own support group.
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    Ap21ril i like your positive attitude. Its a lot of work but you are getting joy from what you are doing. I hope we call all find something to be excited about even when we are snowed in with the excessive reading and not to mention our family life at home. it is good hearing about you experience...I better start preparing myself mentally
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    how was it?
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    Quote from alovelymother
    Today's my first day! I'll graduate Spring 2014!
    how was your first of class..please do tell.

    we are all here to vent and share
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    Quote from Tonks57
    I just started on monday! I love it so far! It is so interesting and my brain is learning so much. You will do great!
    Thanks for sharing and your positive attitude.
    we all have no choice but to do great
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    Quote from Peaches28
    I start September 5th! It's been such a long time coming, I can't wait! Good luck everyone!
    peaches you and i have to share our first day of school on September 5.

    cant wait i am so excited and fearful at the same time!!!
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    I started Monday. Really enjoying it thus far, but talk to me around week five and we'll see what's what. LOL
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