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My mother is a nurse, and she says her experience with students is that she prefers a student, who is strong in clinicals yet may be average in class. Right now, I'm doing really well in class and... Read More

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    What's the difference between a nursing student with a C and a Nursing student with a A? Nothing they both can test on NCLEX.

    At my school, you need to have a balance. If your book smart and not good in the lab, you will get dropped. If your good in the lab and not goo with the books, you will get dropped. You need to have a balance and stay on top of your game. That's how my class went from 80 to 40 on my first semester.

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    IMO, you can teach a monkey to start an IV or put in a foley. What makes a nurse a nurse is critical thinking, being able to look at a patient and understand WHY you are doing something, not just doing it because it was ordered.
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