best nursing intervention for ascites

  1. Hi everyone,

    So I am taking patho and our final exam is next week,monday!our prof hinted that there is going to be a question about ascites!

    "what is the best intervention for a pt.with ascites?Something a student nurse can do" Im thinking patient education about sodium restriction.idk if i am on the right track here.

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  3. by   Moogie
    I like that you're thinking about patient education. It's important to address but remember, while he's in the hospital he'll receive a low-sodium diet. Part of your teaching would include why his wife shouldn't sneak in cheeseburgers and chips!

    There's something else you can do for someone with ascites and it involves putting the person in a certain position. Can you figure out what that position might be and why?

    Think about this. The doctor orders diuretics (student can give them), doc and dietician order low-sodium meals (and student can give them) but positioning is a nursing intervention. Look back in your notes to see if your instructor mentioned it.

    Hope it helps!
  4. by   nursingstudent_88
    Hi Moogie!

    Thanks for the input.I was thinking elevate the head of the bed for easy breathing and prop the patient with pillows if needed,for extra support?Assist the patient in positioning.Am i right on this one?
  5. by   nalaa83
    I had my third exam on Hepatitis, GI disorders etc..and I was giving a question regarding ascites. Besides elevating the HOB, restricting Na+ intake you can also give Albumin well with a doctor's order of course. Hope that is helpful
  6. by   Brittpitt
    Pain management
  7. by   Moogie
    Yep! You got it! I agree with the other two posters as well.

    Good luck on your exam!
  8. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Haha. This was an exam question and the answer was to give diruetics as ordered.
  9. by   nursingstudent_88
    omg! i cannot believe it!i got an A- on my patho exam!!very happy
  10. by   Nurse Kyles
    Congrats on the good grade! Bet it feels great to be done with the class. Have a great summer!