Best day ever

  1. 2 I know I'm just a beginner student nurse, and nursing is going to become harder, I will become jaded, and that it will all come to the proverbial head.

    That being said, every day that I come home from a clinical is the best (school) day ever. I have a great instructor and I have a great group of students who support and help each other. I don't think care plans are that hard, and I can honestly say I learn quite a few new things at each new clinical day.

    I love clinicals!

    Anyone else feel this way? I've had hard patients, I've had good patients, but it doesn't matter. I feel like I make a difference and that is something I've never felt before. Loving it!
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    I remember those days. Sometimes, I still have them! They're good days. Enjoy them!
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    I feel that way as well.. (well maybe I am not jumping for joy on my way home). But I do feel accomplished and like I am getting it. I am actually kind of sad that yesterday was my last day of Med-Surg 2 clinical. My instructor was so nice, never made us feel stupid, and the hospital we were at was a teaching hospital so students were welcomed with open arms.
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    Yay! I had a great day yesterday, after (attempting) my first IV site! I felt high on life for hours after! I understand the feeling.
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    Not going to lie, I was on the brink of total meltdown after my very first clinical day, lol. But now that we've been through a couple of rotations I feel like I've sort of hit my stride and am actually starting to enjoy myself! It really helps that everyone in my group has meshed really well and been really supportive of each other, and my instructor is downright WONDERFUL - after reading so many horror stories here on AN feel really lucky that I ended up with such a great clinical group
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    That is awesome! I am hoping to start my program in January and am keeping my fingers crossed I'll have the same experiences you are enjoying. It is nice to see such a positive comment when all I can do right now is worry whether or not I'll be accepted to nursing school or if I'll like it once I am.
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    Is it really necessary to become jaded?! You can have bad days, you can have amazing days... you can become more shrewd but I don't see a necessity to become jaded and I hope your positive attitude carries you through whatever you choose to do
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    I think it's more of me recognizing that in my first clinical rotation, I only have one patient. That feeling I have of really doing something amazing will be harder the bigger my patient load is, just because my time will be split. But that doesn't diminish this amazing feeling I've got!

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