beginning nursing school in the fall...scared!

  1. I will be starting nursing school next month and I am extremely excited but incredibly scared! I know it will consume my life and I am ready to work hard but I am afraid I am not smart enough. My boyfriend tells me I made it in so I can do it, but it was my third attempt at applying before I made it. I also have zero medical experience compared to other students who have at least their CNA. Another one of my worries is that I'll hate it. I've been hearing a lot of horror stories of nurses who hate their job. I always felt like I have a passion for nursing but im afraid it won't be what I expect. I guess I'll never know until I try though, right? Just looking for some encouragement
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  3. by   DisneyNurseGal
    I had zero experience when I started school, and it seemed like the only advantage the students who worked in the hospital had over me was they knew where the clean linens and ice machines were.

    They teach you everything you need to know in nursing school.

    As far as not liking it, that is something only you can discover. I would encourage you to be as outgoing as humanly possible in clinicals, be prepared to jump right in and help no matter what, because you will be exposed to more. For me burnout happens when I am not challenged.

    Good luck to you!
  4. by   adc85
    I start next month too and I am super anxious. I just made my appt for a physical and I'm getting my vaccinations tomorrow. I still need uniforms, books, and other stuff...I'm ready to start but nervous at the same time. A friend just graduated from the school I'm going to, and she gave me her books (I can use some, but I still have to buy more) and I flipped through some of the books and sort of freaked out a little, thinking how on earth will I be able to learn all of this ?? It's so much info, but if others can do it, I figure so can I...good luck in your program!
  5. by   Annachu512
    I started nursing school with no CNA experience or anything. While CNAs have a certain advantage when it comes to clinical work, they usually do not have any advantage when it comes to course work. Just remember that you and your classmates are in it together and you'll become closer as you go through the semesters. Good luck on the journey!
  6. by   nurseprnRN
    Everyone, listen up!

    Listen to yourselves-- "freaked out"-- "terrified" -- "super anxious" -- "incredibly scared" !!

    Some advice. You will learn in school that you never tell a patient not to be scared (or in any way deny his/her feelings) because, well, all people are entitled to their feelings. So I won't tell you not to feel the way you do.

    I WILL tell you that there's nothing ahead of you that hasn't been done by many thousands of people before you. I will tell you that despite what you think, nursing faculty really are interested in seeing that you learn to be a nurse, and learn it well. They will help you if you ask...but you have to ask, it's part of being a grown-up professional, and you'll learn that in school too even if it's not in the formal syllabus.

    I will also say that a little anxiety is a good thing. It makes your eyes focus more clearly, it jolts your liver to dump a lot of good sugars into your bloodstream to feed your brain and muscles a little extra...all useful and functional responses to stress. However, being panicky is not functional.

    You are in charge of your brain. You can tell it to shut the heck up when it starts getting you revved up. Tell yourself you are ready for this challenge, lots of people have done it before you, and by god, you're good looking and people like you. BANISH those words at the top of the page. Never let them leave your lips or your fingertips again. You can train your brain to be better at this, and that's how you start. It will feel better and work better for you.

    Have fun!

  7. by   swansonplace
    I just finished up nursing school, and am getting ready for the nclex. I don't know. I wish someone told me that it's not brains that get's you through but consistent study, and handling the anxiety. It's being able to drop what is not important, and just focus on what is needed. So do everything you can to stay a step in front of your professor, and 2 steps in front right before finals. Eat right, get enough sleep, make sure you have your financials in order, and just have fun. The time just flies by.
  8. by   i♥words
    Quote from GrnTea
    Tell yourself you are ready for this challenge, lots of people have done it before you, and by god, you're good looking and people like you.
    Aw, thanks. But, seriously, your post is a great encouragement. Probably one to be bookmarked for future freak out moments.

    The good news is that nursing schools don't expect us to come in knowing how to start IVs, insert foley caths, and spout off a list of medication side effects. That's the very reason why we're going to nursing school. To learn. To study. To graduate. To be nurses. When I feel overly worried about starting nursing school this fall, I just think of this, and it doesn't seem quite as daunting.
  9. by   priorities2
    Hey! I start nursing school in the fall too, and the closest I've gotten to medical experience is volunteering in discharge at a hospital - in 8th-9th grade, lol. So I feel you there, I know that many people have been CNAs and gotten a lot of experience. But, it's okay, nursing school is meant to teach you everything you need to know to be a novice nurse-previous experience is not a requirement!
  10. by   Castillejo27
    I also start school next month and I'm a little nervous! I know it will be extremely difficult and stressful but I know I'll get through it. What gets me down is people's reaction when they find out I'm a mother of 4 kids ages: 7, 5, 4, and 6 months. Instead of giving me words of encouragement I get the opposite. I think having kids give you that extra drive to stay on top of things and do your best; along with the extra stress. Any words of wisdom will help.....
  11. by   IrishNana
    I'm nervous too. I have 5 children and 3 grandchildren. I am a returning student after a very long break! Any advice on time management would be warmly received : )
  12. by   swansonplace
    Time management: During break get all household items completed: bills paid, doctor's visits, organize house, spend time with and educate your family on nursing school. Have a plan of who is to take care of what in the house. Get all finances in order, and out of the way so you are not worrying about bills or the organization around the house. Have a place where you can study quietly without interruption for 2 hours at a shot.

    For starters, keep a schedule book of what you spent your time on. This will allow you to see how to get every minute of the day optimized.

    When you are in school, know what your target is for the end of the week. Then break it down by day. Keep to the schedule.

    Find a way to organize your family given your goals. That is if you have kids, make sure chores are divided. How are you going to do family time? How are you going to arrange dinners? Food shopping? The more everyone is on the same page, the better it is for everyone. Are you going to need a sitter? Are you going to sign your kids up for extra activities after school so you can study and they are active? How are you going to arrange 5 hours of study time a day?

    You need to presume that every minute needs to be managed, and good plan really helps.
  13. by   LoriRNCM
    Fantastic advice, all! I am nowhere near a "new" student, at age 49, had some college in the nineties and just finished two years of pre reqs and co reqs, but I feel like a baby going into nursing school in August. I too tried three times to get in, made the alternate list once, denied once, and third time was a charm, plus maybe my straight A grades had something to do with it, and believe me, I didn't come by those right away or easily. Took me a few semesters to get my groove. But like others said here, why should we doubt ourselves when so many before us have done it? Why should we be any less qualified? I've uploaded all my forms to certified profile, gotten all my first semester books, have my pretty, engraved Littman steth and my comfy nursing shoes, so bring it! All I have left to do is order my scrubs, and I'm ready!
  14. by   GaNicuRN14
    Thanks for the encouragement everybody! That made me feel much better. We made it this far so I know that we can do it. Its just a little terrifying at first when you don't know what to expect but we should all be proud of ourselves. Good luck to all of you