Back issues of Nursing Made Incredibly Easy Magazine

  1. Hi, I have searched the LWW website and I cannot find out where to get copies of back issues of this magazine. Personally I don't even know *what* is in last years copies but I think I would like a copy of Volume 1, all magazines. So, does anyone have ideas on how to find these back issues?
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  3. by   FutureNurse2005
    I would try calling them and asking about it. Is there a customer service email or phone number on an issue that you have?

  4. by   twintoo
    Holy Moly! I FINALLY found a number to call and they want $8 per copy!! The whole subscription for a year is only $25.
  5. by   Mithrah
    From what I understand it is a relatively new magazine. They may not have many back issues.
  6. by   agent
    url please?
  7. by   twintoo
    Quote from agent
    url please?
    A URL for what?
  8. by   Jennerizer
    $8 an issue is the normal price. They offer a subscription at half price...$24.95 for 6 issues. I subscribed this year---I do not think it is worth the price they are asking. The magazine is interesting, but there is not much in it. I won't be renewing.