Awful textbook?

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    Just had orientation for my program and they announced we'll be using Pearson's Nursing: A Concept-Based Approach to Learning. They're excited about it and the way it's structured.

    Reading the Amazon reviews is pretty terrifying. I'm not a bad student, can self-teach very well, and can use non-required texts to supplement required ones. But has anyone used this particular text? It was mentioned that all of North Carolina has switched over to it and I'm really curious about it and awful textbook experiences in general.

    I kind of feel like a nursing career a textbook does not make but... yikes!

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    It's awful!!!! The typos are horrible, the information contradicts itself and sometimes just plain wrong (like "how to teach someone to give themselves IV insulin). We paid a fortune for the books. If you do have to buy it. we ended up cutting the book (literally-with a box cutter) into chapters. it is way too big to be useful. I think our school was looking for a new book after the second year.
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    Just because your program requires a particular book doesn't mean you can't buy others as a supplement. I strongly recommend that.

    You will be buying books for the rest of your professional life-- I've been out of my basic program for mumblemumble years and I still buy a coupla books a year in my field.
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    exactly! Most of my class used the Hogan books to supplement out topics so we had a reference for what was correct info. When we needed clarification for test questions, we were always told to go to our text book, even when there was conflicting or just plain wrong information. Half the time, faculty had not read the book. We had to use it b/c one of the instructors edited one of the 30+ chapters. Needless to say, all but one instructor is gone and they are looking for new curriculum.
    It was very expensive too.
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    I am in NC and my program doesn't use this book. I do know another girl who is in a different program and they use it. She never complained about her book. If you find that your book doesn't work for you there are tons of different resource material you can buy. I use my textbook and other resources to learn the material.
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    I hated that book. Our program used it for just my class and ended up changing because as students we hated it and the instructors weren't overly fond if it either. One suggestion: do what someone else said and rip it apart. I know it feels awful given how much you pay for it but your back will thank you.
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    I'm half-tempted to ask the director of the program if she's read the Amazon reviews...

    We have a separate med/surg text, but I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for replacements for this atrocious series? It seems like a survey of nursing instead of focusing on just one specialty. Definitely buying these used if I can.
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    I am not sure why you would need a separate med/surg book. the book is sipposed to be all inclusive. We DID have a separate pharm book. Either way, huge waste of money
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    All of the "specialty" books (med-surg, psych, etc) are ebooks included in the bundle. Naturally they're all Pearson books. A friend sent me a med-surg text, but if anyone has suggestions for solid fundamentals of nursing texts let me know!

    This ( looks promising and more of a beginning nursing book (the med-surg one I have is meant to build on fundamentals it seems). But more suggestions are welcome.
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    I liked the Mary Hogan series.

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