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    I'm curious what the attrition rate is in various nursing programs. For my class (with 19 days 'til graduation) it is roughly 80%. We started with 32 students and will hopefully graduate the remaining 7. What are your numbers?

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    whoa!! I was told by someone in my school LPN program it was roghly 50% a couple months ago.
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    We have a 90% attrition of the best in Texas.
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    Im sorry , mabye I dont understand what attrition is, but I thought it was the % that dropped out.

    90% would be terrible, not good.
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    We started w/ 36, hopefully graduate the remaining 15 on May 7th...
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    Good topic for a thread. I wish prospective students would investigate this type of thing before they invest a lot of money up front in some of these programs from which few people graduate.

    Of course, most prospective students will think, "It can't happen to me" ... but it's hard to ignore some of those big failure rate numbers.
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    I don't know what the drop-out rate is at my school, but I do know that close to 100% of the students who do make it through pass the NCLEX.
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    Then I have it backward. 90% of the people who are accepted to our nursing school graduate and pass the NCLEX on the first attempt.
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    Whe I started nursing school, we had over 50. When I graduated, we had 9! Thats right, 9. Most fell out the first year.
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    This is a great topic.

    Can any of you please tell me what the difference between you still in the program and those that failed or dropped out was?

    The only thing I am worried about is that its about not being smart enough. That is scary because most of those who get in are straight A students. What gives?

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