ATI Final for Med Surge I & II

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    Hello all!

    I am scheduled to take my ATI Final on 3/16 which deals with Med Surge I & II.
    I took Med Surge I last semester - August 2012-December 2012 and am currently wrapping up Med Surge II. The ATI Final will be over material covered in BOTH classes. I have been doing many practice exams offered on the ATI website, I have the ATI Application for my iPhone and have been reading over the ATI Med Surge book...but I still feel that this is not enough - call me crazy !!

    I was wondering if anyone else has taken this exam and if you have any other study ideas/tips?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Study the ATI book. Do you have access to the ATI website? They have some good review material.....templates, study guides, etc. Review the systems/procedures/disease processes/meds you are still unsure about. Again.....use the book as your guide. Don't study the day before, get a good night's sleep and eat a good breakfast (limit sugar!) GOOD LUCK!!!
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    i have been brushing up on topics i feel i need work on. i have also been using the ATI website, any practice exams i can get my hands on...

    sounds like i should be ok.

    thanks for your response
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    I deplore ATI, and struggled with them throughout my program. In my program they do not directly/singularly determine whether you pass or fail a course, but they make up a certain % of our final grade.

    I've found that the ATI is most UNhelpful in studying for its tests. Ironic right? The book is truly a book to reference, because if its outline format.

    The best way, that I've personally found beneficial, is to utilize the ATI practice tests and focus your studying and review of the ATI book on the results of the practice test. I usually focus on the things and sections (which are the same as the NCLEX blueprint) that scored on a level of or below the national average.

    I passed my med-Surg ATI Proctored test, with a mid-level II.

    Something I also found most beneficial I'd the ATI app for the Apple iPhone. Idk if the app is available in the Android Market. The app was expensive, $19.99, when I purchased it last year, but it was worth it to help me get a grip on ATI and do NCLEX on the go!

    We took the ATI Comprehensive Predictor test, which predicts your chance of passing the NCLEX on the first try. I was up and down with ATI, but stick with the app and got a 97% chance of passing NCLEX on my first try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The highest you can get is 99%.
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    Hey there!

    I have the ATI app for the iPhone, been doing questions every night before I turn in.

    I am reviewing all areas of the ATI book that I feel I could use improvement on...which is a lot! Lol. Just brushing up.

    Congrats on the ATI Predictor!! 97 is awesome!!
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    update- well i took the ATI Exam today and was ONE STINKIN QUESTION AWAY FROM A LEVEL 3 !! GAAAAAHHHHH !!

    i know, i should be happy, but darn it, i really wanted that Level 3 !

    i think reading the ATI Book, since it is an ATI exam...helped...i did this for first semester and got the Level 3 so i think my strategy works.

    thanks for your replies!
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    Congratulations. We just took our ATI Comprehensive Predictor and it was heavy on med-surg so if you passed at a high Level 3, you will be fine.

    I really dislike ATI tests though.
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    Interesting... So you must pass your ATI in order to complete that course/section of your theory class? We have ATI as well, but it's not part of our grade or anything as it just gives us predictors of our weaknesses and where we need to focus. I like ATI as these questions are just like your boards (took for LPN) but I can see why some dislike them as I wouldn't have to 'stress' over them to pass a certain point.
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    Oh and I'll only read the ATI books to study for RN boards...just as I did for LPN. They truly are a great resource and I don't feel you need to waste your money on other things...
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    Quote from SuperHelper
    Congratulations. We just took our ATI Comprehensive Predictor and it was heavy on med-surg so if you passed at a high Level 3, you will be fine.

    I really dislike ATI tests though.
    I hate ATI too. My class, as a whole has found the ATI books unhelpful in a good bit of cases. Even though I dislike ATI, it's comp predictor scores have been dead on since our s hook started using it a few years ago.
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