ati comprehensive predictor form a&b

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    hi everyone..i failed the ati comprehensive form a and im taking form b in a couple weeks..wondering if anyone has any advise or notes that would help me with form b..please let me know or email me


    (per the moderator - asking for notes to prepare for this exam is cheating)
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    Quote from IwearScrubs
    Hey Dc2mendoza,

    I sent you an email, please check it. I don't know how to send you a message through this site..
    As per terms of service email addresses are not to be posted on the forums and to send a email or pm through the site you need 15 or more posts. You can however read any pms sent to you
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    Um I would kill myself just trying to pass those darn things but never could. I was glad at the time at my school they were not for a grade. The prediction was wrong I passed the nclex. Try your best those things are all about how it is worded pay close attention of the question at hand. I say if it's not for a grade try your best and don't sweat it. If it is read the books and the dvd's that go along with the ati testing. Good luck
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    I would suggest watching the DVD's that come with the books our program used ATI and that was helpful.
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    Read the books and do the questions in the back of the book. Go back and do all the practice exams your teachers gave you codes for.
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    What worked for me was doing the practice exams. I would answer each question, and then I would read and think about the rationales for every right and wrong answer. I also took notes on the information in the rationales that I was unfamiliar with. On some of the ATIs I also retook the practice exam again with a study buddy and we would discuss our reasons for why we were picking our answer before clicking on the answer. I passed every ATI at level 2 or 3 and rarely reads the books. I never watched the DVDs either.
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    Can I please remind you NOT to post email addresses on the forums

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    I am on my last semester, and we have to take all the proctored ATI's again, forms A and B and, in order to take the proctored we have to show proof of competence, which is at least 80 on the practice tests.

    we have to do all of that, plus proof of 3000 nclex style questions, and then we have the comprehensive, were we have 2 practice ones, and then we have the proctored (all on the end of next month) where we have to get 80 and if we dont get an 80 at the proctored predictor we cant graduate!!!

    bah! i am not fond of ATI specially mental health, but i passed all of them with level 2 and 3's
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    Same here. I have to do ATI but we don't get any study aids but Saunders.
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    this is for banan1n1a, you mean that you failed predictor b which one pn or rn.
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